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Stress Relivers 101

Apologize for a mistake.                      Meditate.     Pray             Stand up and stretch.           Cry.

Ask for Help.              Call up and old friend.     Tell someone a joke.    Tell someone I love you.

Stop and look out the window.    Change coffee break to an exercise break.           Dance!  

Work a crossword puzzle.               Close your eyes, what do you see?                 Hug a tree

Count to 10 or maybe 1000 before you explode.      Count your blessings name them 1 by 1.

        Daydream.                    Spend your coffee break at the beach.           Do one thing at a time.   

                                                                  Eat a good breakfast.

Eat an orange s-l-o-w-l-y, one segment by segment.         Get a good night's sleep.    Get a massage.

                               Get a pet.                Go fly a kite, really go fly a real kite.

Forgive someone.                     Go fishing.             Go for a brisk walk.                 Go swimming.

Take a different route to work.              Give someone a hug.                       Get up 15 minutes early.

    Sit by a fire.             Keep a journal of thoughts and feelings.          Laugh at something you did.

Leave the car and take the bus.        Lie in a hammock.         Lift Weights.    

  Walk barefoot in the grass.                                                    Look at the big picture.               

                                     Look closely at a flower, a leaf, a blade of grass or a tree trunk.

Take a child to the playground.                            Inhale deeply and exhale slowly and completely.

Make a list and follow it.        Take a scenic stroll past a pond or a stream or a nature trail.   

Take one day at a time.         Take a herb tea break.      Take the back road.         Take the stairs.   

Stop and watch a sun rise or sunset.            Take up knitting.       Get a hobby!       

                                                                Learn to say NO.

Talk to your self, you can do it!          I will stay calm under pressure.      Imagine a peaceful scene.

                          Sing a song, it really does not have to be good enough just sing a song.

Wear earplugs when it's noisy.         Write down your fears, dreams.        Write to your congressman.

 Practice laughing out loud.                Make love.                      Spend an evening without Television.

                            Make time for play.                  Watch a cloud for 5 minutes.       

                                   Watch an ant or any other insect for 5 minutes.     

         Take a class just for fun, learn a craft.                                      Learn a foreign  language

Massage your temples                                Listen to the birds                   Ride your bike to work       

                                              Take a nap.                        Write a poem 

                Roll your shoulders around in a circular motion         

                               Angry, talk to a friend about it   

                  Wash the car.            Share your feelings with someone    

                                          Make a list and follow it

Watch a really good movie                  Work out in the gym                     Put on some music

                                           Take a long bath

Plant a flower             Smell a rose          Get up 15 minutes earlier

            Sit by a fountian or stream. Close your eyes and listen to the water

               Do a good deed                               Plan ahead

             Put a plant in your office                 Put your feet up

      Put a Cat in your lap                                               Read something funny every day

Daily Stress Relievers


Now that you have had Stress 101 here are some activities that you can practice from day to day and week to week and not difficult to add to your life style. These have been proven to actually relieve stress.

  • Visit. Friends, see your family. Join a club. Attend Church regularly become involved in their programs. Stay in touch with people this is extremely important.
  • Laugh often. Talk it out. Cry. Crying is not a sign of weakness but a release. God created us with emotions use them, be happy, get angry Let it out.
  • Exercise at least 3 times a week. If you desire to lose weight at least 4 times a week. Exercise reduces anxiety, reduces stress. Exercise causes your brain to release endorphins, natures chemical that creates a sense of well being. For the best benefit exercise for at least 15 or more minutes 4 times a week.
  • Nourish yourself. Eat a balanced diet. Make sure you get your 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables daily Then add your protein Don't forget drink your water 8 glasses daily. 
  • Counter act stress by becoming totally involved in an activity you truly enjoy.  Something you have control over such as reading.  Playing music, you playing a musical instrument.  Gardening, visiting people. You have to work say 8 to 5 Monday to Friday, make your stress relieving activities a part of your daily weekly schedule.
  • Focus on the positive, your accomplishments and successes how hard you worked to attain your goals. Ok start from a beginning,what you had to go through to get where you are now.  Think of the problems you worked through and how you succeeded and what you accomplished. 
  • Enjoy moments that you have, relax allow your self to lean back on those moment such as going to a movie or watching Television. Put all your stress behind you and enjoy what you are doing for that hour or two hours. Enjoy the moment!
  • Take deep breaths slowly. Practice slowly inhale pause then slowly exhale.  If you breath in and out rapidly, like you would breathe as if you are afraid this sends a signal to your brain that you are stressed makes adrenaline flow get you pumped up so you can fight or run. Now I know why I see boxers breathing rapidly right before they start a boxing match. To get the adrenaline flowing.
  • Some say try taking up Yoga. If you have no interest in Yoga I suggest getting a Massage. 

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