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A New Mature Me

I could have named the page Sporty after Forty, naw that does not apply to me. Or Spiffy after Fifty well that did not quite suit me either. But I am including all of the mature group that honestly can admit, when they look at an article of clothing and say: "That is for the young people to wear." Then you are on the right page. If you know someone who fits in that group you are in the right spot too.

As I matured I had to make life style changes. One of the changes I had to address was I had to realize is that I am growing older and recognize I have certain limitations. I have a young imagination with a maturing body. I have all these dreams and ideas and I don't have enough years left to accomplish them. On this page I want to work on something simple that I can fix now. The first thing I want to address is fashion that matures with me. I had to purge my wardrobe of items that are no longer age appropriate for me to wear and replace them with more appropriate items. I never want to look dowdy. I want to look sophisticated, chic, elegant, stylish or sporty for the occasion. On these pages I will add pictures of pieces for all seasons, being that I live in a four season local of the country. I am inviting all of my readers, young and mature to contribute their opinion of what they think is stylish for the "mature" population of society.
I took an early retirement January 1 2010. Immediately upon retirement I felt as if I were an unneeded part of society. Have any of you reading this article seen the movie Logan's Run? If you haven't you should take a look at it. It was very interesting. I will not give you any more of a clue of what the movie is about other than it coincides with my earlier feelings. I had suffered an injury at work. I blacked out at work and fell, hit my head on my desk and suffered a concussion, which led to my retirement and contributed to my feelings of uselessness. I have recovered, hence the reason for the title of this series of pages Alive after Fifty Five. I no longer feel so useless. I realize now is my time to relax kick back, enjoy life and benefit from the fruits of my labor. I am no longer a part of the rat race.

I sprung for a new hair cut I went from this. To this.....It Did boost my morale.

Before home - 28657378

I have to admit I have made a few fashion faux pas in my mature age, in a haste to buy clothes for a trip to Georgia. An example is in the picture of my husband and me with my step daughter and her husband in Georgia. My husband has always been a snappy dresser. I'm the one on the far right. The shirt, I should never have purchased. It's way too snug for my full figure. Yeah, it has South Pole on the front in gold and silver letters! (I won't be wearing the shirt again.) The cropped pants and sandals were OK. The hat looks like a Barber Shop Quartet number. I played it off. It was the only hat I had at the time. I could not find any straw hats that summer. I get migraines being in the in the hot sun with my head uncovered. I even shopped while in Georgia looking for another straw hat. I did not find many choices reasonably priced. I was not going to pay $90 to $100 dollars or more for a straw hat. Cowboy hats were plentiful though, but that is not my style. I do not like the way I look in baseball caps either. I always want to look Ladylike and feminine never like a tomboy.
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The following year I did find a couple of fedora hats one made of straw and a large floppy brim straw hat. I got compliments wearing both. In the past I would not have bought a fedora style hat the jewel embellishments makes it girlish enough for me.

This is the straw fedora hats that I got compliments on, so it's a winner.
home - 28657378
I found this one later made of denim fabric. See the fabric flower on the left side? Even my granddaughter told me: "Grandma your hat is amazing." She is now 15 years old and she will tell grandma if something does not look so good.home - 28657378
Now on to accessories. See the earrings above. Those are one of my creations. The dangle on these earrings are as long as I will go for a dangle. Ladies of the mature age don't spring for the earrings that the teens or the young girls wear. A good example a one of a kind shoulder duster pictured below. Those are for the young only. You can see more of my jewelry in my Shar's Gems Web Page on this site and My Etsy Page. These earrings are for the Young ladies only!
home - 28657378

Young Christian Fashion

Since I am talking about dressing appropriately I had to add this page for young Christian women. I was reading article in a recent Jet magazine dated Jan. 24/31, 2011. A recent fashion designer featured on one of my favorite shows Project runway. I have daydreamed of being a subject, model on that show having a designer create clothes for a real person. Someone mature who does not have an 'ideal model' figure. My daydream was fulfilled they did a show of the designer's mothers but each designer did not create an outfit for his or her own mother. They switched the mothers around. That was cool they can design clothes for real people.
Back to the featured designer's statement to my point addressed to Christian young ladies and some older ladies too: "People are overlooking the rules of dressing. I've never seen so much cleavage in the sanctuary in my life. And fishnets? In church? I just don't understand that. Unfortunately , we're living in a time now where everybody is scared to pull people aside and say something. But someone needs to say something".designer ~Anthony L. Williams~ Amen brother! He has an Atlanta based freelance design business
I have to say I was young once. Really, I was. I'll admit in junior high and high school I bought fishnet stockings in every color I could find to go with every outfit I had. Yep, I had a black pair too. My Mom hated them! I wore regular stockings to church though. I had my logical reasoning behind buying the fishnets. Fishnet stockings did not run, they lasted longer than regular nylon stockings. I thought when fishnet stockings went out of style they would never come back. Boy, was I wrong. I am older and wiser. I am of a different mindset now.
I was watching a secular series. I won't go into detail about the story line, I just want to make a point. A male character was talking to one of the female characters. The scene was they were both strangers in a hospital waiting room, waiting for a loved one brought into the emergency room. They struck up a conversation. The male actor said to the female actress: "I know you work in a strip club by your shoes and fishnet stockings." She looked startled, he continued: "See, I know this because I use to own a strip club." OK, if the secular world is denoting this about their own stuff (fishnet stockings) what business does a christian lady have putting on a pair of fishnet stockings? Oops! Now you know.
I believe your dress/attire is an advertisement of you and what you are saying about yourself. What do you what to say about yourself? When you get dressed in the morning, think about what your clothes are saying. Is the length of your skirt saying "I'm easy." Is the tightness of your jeans telling the world "I'm giving it up." Does your plunging cleavage invite advances and send the wrong invitation. You are not taken seriously? Yow wonder why you don't attract a good christian man? Are you telling yourself why can't I find a good christian man? It's the way you are presenting the package. Anthony L. Williams also went on to say and I quote. "I always say a woman's dress should fit tight enough to show she is a woman but loose enough to prove she's a lady." Now christian ladies how can you argue with that. You can have a dress, skirt, shirt, blouse, pants or sweater that is tailored to fit and not show everything and still be loose enough to look like a lady. There you have it young ladies. A top fashion designer is telling you how to look like a lovely lady. Not slutty, trashy or like you are from the street.
An added note: When I was in the job force I worked in an office setting. We did have a dress code at that time. No beach walker shoes. Ladies had to wear stockings, men socks. Skirts no shorter than 2 inches above the knees. Men, ladies no tank tops. No sweat suits. Ladies no sheer or see through blouses. No leggings. No coveralls. No shorts, no jeans. No gym shoes. No t-shirts with logos or writing on them. Now if an office has a dress code how much more are we to respect the house of God. Just a thought. How did God want his priests to be clothed when they entered into the temple? Try looking it up. Sure we are now under grace but don't strain God's mercy. Our goal is to please God!
I feel women, rather real ladies of all ages should have a certain mystique about them. Don't show and tell your everything.
So Young ladies if you are wearing the plunging necklines and the showing nothing to the imagination jeans. The skirt that barely covers what your momma gave you, when you sit down there's nothing left to cover yourself. Do you think you can tone it down a bit? If so, post your before and after pictures of your make over. How do you want your temple to look?

I'm going to post this note myself since I know my sister in law will not come to this page to post it. My sister-in-law and I, in conversation about this topic was telling me about a non christian who had visited her church service saw so many mini skirts and fishnet stockings. The visitor commented: "If I wanted to see mini skirts I would have gone to the club to see all this." OMG! That is shameful! Now as a note to all Christians young ladies, mature ladies, young men and mature men when non-Christians come to church they expect to see something different. They don't expect to see in church what they see outside of the church or in the club. They expect to see a higher standard of dress and especially clean living along with high moral standards. They expect us to act and dress like Christians. They really expect us to be different than them. If not, what do they have to get saved from or for? The world expects us Christians to be different. Stop making excuses! Dare to be different! In a Christan way!

Mature Fashion

Share your Ideas of what chic fashion is for the mature ladies and gents. I think large hoop earrings are not appropriate for mature ladies. Long dangle earrings neither. Mini shirts short-short shirts are out for a mature woman, I don't care how "great" your legs are. Men I don't even like baggy droopy jeans on young men much less an older man! Here Is one of my creations of earrings That I think is OK for a mature woman share your ideas. mature-fashion - 28657378 These earrings are in my Etsy store for purchase! I named them Queen. I have another pair that I made special for a 'mature woman' that I think looked good on her. Just because we are over 40 or 45 or even 50 we still want to look pretty and attractive we even want to look glamorous. We want the glam too as I call it. It just has to be elegant and want I say look queenly. Stately.

Here are the earrings I made for my customer. These can be duplicated. They will appear in my web store sometime in the future. These earrings I made with Jet crystal, clear Swarovski beads and silver plated components.
mature-fashion - 28657378
Do you have a pair of earrings that you find yourself putting on with everything when you go out just casual wear? Here is the pair I find myself putting on when my Husband and I go out to eat for breakfast. Remember I am retired so I am no longer dressing up coordinating an outfit every morning. I am usually jeans and a sweater in the fall and winter or a crisp white top in the summer. I try to select accessories that are noticeable to my craft to promote my business. Here are one pair of my favorite earrings. One of my customers saw them and wanted a pair. The are made from Jet crystals, smoke crystals and gold plated components. mature-fashion - 28657378
Here is one of my favorite bracelets that I wear when I go out casual. (Product advertisement) I named it 'Arm Candy' It is available in my Etsy Store. It is made of pearl coated magnetic hematite, smokey quartz, Silver plated filigree bead caps and crystal beads. I think it is lush and glamorous. It goes with anything. I can dress it up or add a bit of glam to my jeans when I go out to breakfast on a weekday morning.mature-fashion - 28657378
Here is a whimsical number similar to one that I wear. Charm bracelets are not just for little girls. When I made this one it's not so juvenile looking that a mature woman cannot wear it. This one is therapeutic magnetic hematite. I use to wear this one to work now I wear this one whenever I go out grocery shopping. I do this particularly because I meet checkout clerks of all ages and it is an eye-catcher.

mature-fashion - 28657378
This one I have to include. I made this one in celebration of my retirement. I have since added an airplane charm to it more to come. You can look in my Photo Gallery and see the bracelet that inspired this bracelet, a graduation gift to my Sister and niece. Here is my retirement charm bracelet. Of course when I wear it it draws attention and gives me an opportunity to promote my jewelry. It is certainly not dowdy it is stylish.

mature-fashion - 28657378