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Home Pedicure tips

I have never included pedicures nor manicures in my budget. Well while working I barely had time to get my hair done working overtime. Coming up from childhood my Mom taught me to keep your hair, teeth and feet looking good including your shoes. If put on a clean simple dress you are ready for almost anything. As a youngster instead of biting my nails I filed them. In elementary school in the Health class we were taught how to properly manicure our nails. I value my hair and will sped money on it than I will my finger nails. When I get it like that I may at some time include getting manicures in my personal up keep. I am a low maintenance woman.

Our feet are the most neglected part of our bodies. If you neglect your feet all winter you are not ready for sandals in the summertime. Check out my pamper page for the foot spa which is in my opinion the first step in getting your feet ready for those sexy summer sandals.  Think about how important our feet are to us. If your feet hurt you cannot walk very far you really cannot run. We mistreat our feet. Us ladies squeeze our feet into shoes that are too small. All winter long some of us do not even think of our feet. Our feet have walked a lot of miles for us. What do we do for them. We wear spike heal shoes which is bad for our feet as well as our female organs.

All year around I use heated lotion as my daily routine to getting ready for my day. I especially slather the heated lotion onto my feet. Why heated lotion? It soaks right into my skin. and is so soothing. Another thing that really works for me is creamy Vaseline. That works wonders and does not leave your legs shiny looking like you walked in a tub of grease.

The heated lotion dispensor is a seasonal item Amazon seems to have it all year round.  I purchased mine from a local KMart it set me back about $20.00 or so. 

  My next gadget is where all the magic reall begins.  My electric file.  I do want to caution you, I found out after the fact.  An electric file may cause you to develop small vertical ridges in your nails.  My nails are so thin and easy to break the ridges seem to make them stronger.  They are barely noticable.  As you get older I have notice changes in my nails anyway.  Here is my tool.  I purchased it at Walgreens for $19.99.  It must be a $20.00 dollar price that gets me. 


I comes in it's own plastic storage case it has 12 attachments.  The bits are for filing, exfoliating cuticles and removing rough skin on your feet.  It also has a buffing tool too.

I simply love this little gadget.  I'm not into the nail art nor the fancy tips here is my results.  I figure my hands and feet are presentable.  My kit has more than paid for itself in the cost for maicures and pedicures!

One more thing, this is kind of personal..   Years ago my brother having server his time in the army in Germany, told me European ladies did not shave their legs.  My husband always liked the hair on my legs.  Well honey for me to go stocking less the hair has to go.


At least I feel presentable at a low cost for me now being on a fixed income.  

I am wearing my jewelry creations.  On my ankle is my magnetic hematite and crystal ankle bracelet.  On my wrist is a white pearlized magnetic hematite beads,  double strand bracelet with smokey quartz and crystal beads.  

Step by Steps for a manicure/ pedicure

I'll use feet since this is the time of year everyone shows off their feet if they look good or not.  You always show off your hands.

1. Soak your feet for 15 minutes.  In the foot soak bubbling massage is so relaxing. 

2. Towel dry your feet.  I find whatever you use to moisturize your feet with works best when your feet are slightly damp.

3. Use the rounded end of that grey file to push back your cuticles.  (once you start cutting your cuticles if you don't have to lesads to your cuticles spliting.

4.  You then can use the small rounded tool to exfoliate the dead cuticle from your nail bed.  

5.  You can use the large coarse tool to remove dead hardened skin from your foot.

6. A Pumice stone while in the shower is a must.

7. The cone shaped tool is usful if you have thicken toe nails.  Use whatever disignted tools to shorten and shape your nails.  If your toe nails are too long clip them off then go back and file and shape them with the tool.  

8.  You can rinse off the excess skin nail filings now your toes are ready for poilish allow to dry.

9. Generously slather your feet with creamy Vaseline and apply some hot lotion on too.

I find my gadget saves me time working on my feet.  Actually it helps me to do a more through job on my feet than just using a simple nail file. 

Like I said before I am now retired on a fixed income,  One day I will treat myself to a pedicure.  Right now I have to keep the feet up looking good everyday or cover them up.

A Hair do can cost $45 to $65 or more (touchup for a perm) dollars add a pedicure to that $25.  Manicure another $25 Lets add that all up The first two weeks with perm is $115.  With a shampo and curl, feet and nails $95.  For the whole month  $210.  Um I don't have it like that right now. $2520 a year.    I cut that figure in half for my up keep.  I can handle that, . . .low maintaince.