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My Trip To Atlanta GA , relaxation!

My trip to Atlanta Georgia was a real stress reliever for my husband and me.  We were able to get cheap tickets in April. When we got the tickets It seemed like such a long wait.  Well it has come and now it has gone.  Here is the after glow.   I always find pictures of a busy street to be  interesting.  I haven't captured the best scene.  



                                                                                            Another street scene



Down Town Atlanta Georgia, nice!



We dined at one of the the popular eating spots  Pappadeaux


The Fountian at the entrance of Pappadeaux 


Here we are outside the America I AM exhibit.  Pictures inside were not allowed.  Mere words cannot express how incredible the exhibit is.


We saw more landmarks more pictures to come.

We really had a grand  time visiting my step-daughter and her husband.  The trip really did the trick relieving stress for me.  This was my second trip flying in life ever.  Now I plan to become a frequent flyer. 










Georgians believe in education!