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Taking Care Of Baby

A new baby is a big challenge and an awesome responsibility!  A baby is the greatest gift that you can ever have! Your child is your living legacy, your bloodline the continuing of your family tree! Your baby should be your pride and joy! The apple of your eye!  Babies are precious!  Babies are defenseless and helpless creatures.  Our job is to nurture, protect and raise them tobecome productive adult human beings.  They are our future.  Raise them to pay backward and forward.  That is pave the way for their future generataion while taking care of the previous generation (older parents) when they/we too become old, senile or just helpless.  

I have raised two beautiful babies, they are now two productive grown young men.  I was raised by two beautiful parents, both have passed on. I  returned my love by being one of the ones who took care of my Dad in his last days.  Our Dad took care of our Mom her last days.  The beautiful part was the awsome love and assistance the grand children and their spouses played in taking care of Dad/Grandad.  When Dad had to have his personal hygiene changed, he sheepishly looked up at my eldest brother and said (with dad's unique humor)  "This is pay back."  All my brother could do is laugh.  I have a taking care of parents page on this site at: 

When you bring your bundle of joy home from the hospital you may be given a packet of literature with parents magazines included along with coupons.  Do take the time to read the magazines that are included in your hospital packet it will give you a wealth of knowledge of information  very interesting to read. It will well worth your time reading it. If it is in your budget subscribe to at least a years subscription to a parents magazine.  A FYI as of this paragraph notation (year 2011) it costs $222,360 to raise a child from cradle to 18 years old.

Your New Arrival!

This tiny little bundle is placed into your hands!  Those bright eyes look at you it is love at first sight!  To the mom's You know that your baby has heard your voice, your heartbeat and expirenced your every emotion.  Baby ate what you ate.  Actually baby got his/hers first then you got what was left.  That is why it is imoortant for you follow a sensable diet while pregnant.  It has been noted that If you don't get enough calcium baby will take from your teeth and bones to get his calcium to develop.   Now that baby is here how do I take care of this tiny little creature.  Perect tiny little toes eyes ears nose!  What do I do?  Actually your maternal instancts do and will kick in  don't worry.  When my boys were small I hardly slept the first six weeks of their life making sure they were breathing through the night. Do you  put the baby on his stomach to sleep?  Do your put him on his back to sleep?  One thing I must say, never, ever put baby in the bed with you to sleep. 

When I was employed, In my field of work I had a client who had just had a new baby, I added the baby to her case. From all indications she appeared to be a good mother. I felt that I may have known her family, grandparents because of her Surname (last name) I never pressed the issue to see if I knew any of her relatives.  On my last day of work someone from our intake staff came to tell me that the baby's grandmother was in for a burial for the new baby.   What the grandmother had told my colleague my client had the baby sleeping in bed with her.  She had rolled over onto the baby in her sleep and suffocated the baby.  My heart went out to the family.    I had just had my on the job injury and was waiting to be taken to the state clinic.  Even in that moment of my pain I was awash with grief for my client.

 I cannot stress it enough never ever place a newborn baby in the bed to sleep with you.  

Bath Time

This time is really bonding time for you and baby.  Of course there is the baby bathtub which is essential to bathe baby in.  Gather everything you need first before you put your baby in the tub.  Everything you think you need.  Never leave your baby in the tub, not even for what you think is one second.  If your baby slips under water you will not know it if you are not there by his side.  Your baby will not scream for help, he cannot. When you discover your baby is under water it may be too late.  Do not answer the phone, the door nor go see what hubby wants, do not stop and do anything for any reason while baby is in the tub. All it takes is one second for baby to slip under water.  The baby seats that help baby sit up in the water is not safe enough for you to leave baby alone.  It is just to sit baby up for a minute while you bath him. 

I say do not leave a chld in the tub alone until they are old enough to bathe himself without help.  My son who was a toddler I did not know then what he was trying to do but I  stepped out of the bathroom right to the linen closed to get his towel.  Before I could get back to him he had gone under water.  I heard  splashing I rushed back into the bathroom with towel in hand. He was scrambling out of the tub face wet hair soaking wet gasping.  Years later I believe he told me he wanted to see if he could swim in the tub.  You never know what thoughts cross a child's mind.   

I found this article in the Blue Cross Health Care Health Magazine and though it was worth including in my baby care page. 


How much Sleep do Children need

Children often argue with Mom and Dad when it is time for them to go to bed at night or even take a nap:  "I'm not sleepy."   Well here is a chart I made with information I got from Dr McGeorge on our local channel 4 news on how much sleep children actually need according to their ages. 


Ages  1 to 3  12 to 14 hours include naps
 Ages  3 to 5  11 to 13 hours naps included
 Ages  5 to 12  10 to 11 hours 
 Ages  Teenagers  9 + hours a minimum of 9 hours

Sleeping in on the weekends to catch up on sleep does help. So there you have it. Do not let your children tell you otherwise. Lack of proper sleep can lead to childhood obesity. Which can contribute to other health problems in children. Sleep really is important.

Potty Training updated

There are so many products out there to help new mothers with potty training it is really not that complicated. There is even the potty dance to go with the new products. I have found the best thing for potty training is to start as early as 18 month for girls and no later than 2 years for boys. Your child has to be old enough to verbalize their need to go potty for your training to be effective. Also their bodies and mind have to mature to learn to develope the ability to control their bladder and bowels.  I am not in the mind set to let the child decide when is best for him or her as to potty train themselves. The earlier you start with bladder control with your children the better you develop self control and self esteem in your child. You have to train your child to control his bladder you cannot wait for him or her to tell you when he or she has to use the potty. I am in the mind set that the old fashion training pants are the best thing for potty training your children. The are thick enough not to soak though their clothes. If you can still find them in the stores. If the child feels the wetness they will stop the stream and feel uncomfortable. If they have on a pair of the undies that hold the moisture with a plastic outside like diapers hey let mom change me when I wet. Ultimately you can make your own choice of what you want to use.

The method I used that worked.  It took 2 days to train my youngest son. My mom helped me to train eldest son. My mom did not live long enough to help with my youngest son.  I used this technique. You will have to devote a 2 day weekend away form the job do not go anywhere. To me it is worth it.  During this time ,spend time reading to your child, playing games.  Use this day as mommy and baby time.  Devote your whole 2 days to your child you will see why when I explain.   Do not try to go anywhere during this 2 day period.  It will be best not to have additional company.  It is real simple:

Give your child: milk, 100 %  fruit juice any kind and water in between meals throughout each of the 2 day period.  DO NOT give your child soda/pop or unhealthy sugary drinks.  Set a timer to go off every hour.  When the timer goes off sit your child on the potty for 10 minutes, no longer that 15 minutes.  If he potties in between the timer going off, don't despair reset the timer for 1 hour again.  Your child will then learn to release his/her bladder thus learning to hold fluid in his bladder.  After 2 days while you are out check, ask your child if he/she has to potty.  They may forget to tell you.  Make your child aware of themself of the issue of potting, when they have to go or not have to go.  If they forget and have an accident, do not spank them.  Above all if they say they have to go potty please take them, even if you think they don't have to go.  I have seen too many accidents happen because the parent though the child really did not have to go or made the child wait too long.  I know some children will tell a fib and say they have to go when they don't have to.  Take them anyway.  Most times when I see that happen is when the child is on an extended shopping trip with mommy and they really don't want to be shopping.   So does that tell you something mommy?  I never had that problem with my children.  To this day I do not like to go shopping, so my son's did not have that big of a problem with being out with me shopping for hours at a time.  At night you may want to still put a diaper or pull-ups on your child until he/she sleeps through the night and wakes up dry the next morning.

Actually when you start potty training your child it is the same method for boys and girls in the beginning. To potty train a boy is a bit more challenging than training a girl child. The reason, us girls sit on the potty/toilet to do number one and two. After you train a boy on the cute little potty chair then you have to go to the next stage to teach him to hold his bowels and stand and tinkle in the middle of toilet after you have taught him to sit and do both with a shield in front to catch everything. To stand  hold themselves aim and then tinkle inside the toilet, they may have accidents and do both while standing at the toilet.  If they do don't despair they eventually get it.  My Mom and Dad passed this method on to me. They raised 4 boys and 3 girls, I'd say they had a lot of practice and developed a good method.  I was old enough to see my Mom potty train my younger brother and sister so I saw their method work first hand. I was eleven years old when my youngest sister was born and 12 when my youngest brother was born. They are the special two youngest ones of our family.

When your child does go in the potty, cheer give them praise make a big deal of it.   This helps to give them encouragement to do it again and again. When they have an accident just say an awe you will get it next time.  If when you do start to potty train if your child does not get it and balks,  put the chair away and wait a few days or a couple of weeks and start again.

I also have tips to cure bed wetting for older children too it is different than potty training for kids.  Bed wetting is a whole different set of dynamics with the bladder, see my page at:   There are also tips on bladder controll for adults on the same page.