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Bed Wetting

This is embarrassing to admit but I am hoping that this will help some one who has a child that is a bed wetter.  I was a bed wetter as a child. I cried about it.  I was teased once or twice by my sibling about it.   My mom stopped the teasing because I was not the only child that had that issue in the family.  I hated wetting the bed having to get up in the middle of the night after wetting the bed.   Waking up my Mom to get help changing the sheets.  Change my night gown or pajamas.  I would always have a dream that I was going to the bathroom in my dreams and actually start using the bathroom in the bed.  Or the dream would be I am in a school restroom that has a lot of broken toilets.  Some that are either stopped up and do not flush or do not have a door on the stall and I have to use the bathroom in a hurry.  I go from one restroom to another looking for one that has toilets the work.  Changing the sheets.  Of if the spot was not to big placing a thick towel on the wet spot and going back to bed. My Mom and Dad kept telling me I would grow out of it.  My oldest brother whom I admire tried to help me back then had asked me canít you feel yourself wetting on yourself.  I explained to him about how I am dreaming that I am on the toilet using the bathroom and I cannot wake up.  Actually wetting the bed is what wakes me up.  I felt I was too old too for wetting the bed.  I just wanted to know what am I suppose to do to get over it?

My Cure for Bed Wetting

I was about 9 years old when I came up with this procedure to try to overcome bedwetting. I was out with my best friend. Well actually she was what you guys call play dates today. Her Mom was my Mom's best friend so she had taken Diane and I out unfortunately they both have passed on so I will use their names. We called Mom's friend Aunt Ruth. We were out shopping I had to the use the bathroom. Aunt Ruth was use to Diane being bored with the shopping trip just telling her that just so they could leave said to me, wait a just minute we will leave in a second. She was nice about it. I waited. I really had to go. I asked her again. She stalled well you can guess what happened. I had an accident on myself. I started to cry. She apologized she took me straight home she told my Mom she did not know I really had to use the bathroom . She apologized saying: "I did not know the child really had to use the bathroom I would have taken her. She was so use to Diane pulling that trick on her when she did not want to go shopping she would say she had to go to the bathroom when she really did not have to go.

After that day I decided this is it, this is the method I devised to use to gain control over my bladder.  I decided, while at home during summer break I would drink a lot of water and hold it for as long as I could.  I had read somewhere that your bladder is like a sponge and you can stretch it or make it stronger.  So I decided I would make mine stronger.  I drank 1 glass of water and held it for as long as I could before using the bathroom. Then I increased it to 2 glasses of water and held it longer.  As I continued doing this I timed myself and found I was beginning to hold my water for longer and longer periods of time.  Okay the first day night mind was on alert, mind over matter when I made the first leak in the bed I immediately woke up.  Not as much damage Only my pajamas got wet.  I cleaned myself up and changed my pajamas and went back to bed.  The next day I decided to stop drinking water after 8:00 p.m. Better success.  Still practicing holding my water for as long as I could during the day.  Then the next night I moved the time up to 6:00 p.m. of not drinking any liquids.  Within a week I was no longer wetting the bed!  I was so Happy!  Not to mention my parents were happy too!  They did not give too much credence on my protocol. To them I had out grown bed wetting. 

One key thing you must be concerned with is what you give your child to drink.  Growing up my parents did not give us Kool-Aide nor Cola, Pepsi, Orange pop, Tang or Fruit drinks.  The only pop we had was Ginger Ale.  We had 100% fruit juice and water. We did have frozen concentrated Tree Sweet lemonade that you mix with water then serve.  Most of our baked goods were home made.  Windmill cookies, cocoa cookies, coconut macaroons and ginger snaps were the store bought cookies I remember my parents buying.  I am saying all these sweet things in relationship to sugar and your kidneys and your bladder.  After I became an adult I have heard of children having kidney problems an bladder infections due to their diets, some laden with Coke and Pepsi products which is far worse than bed wetting. One thing I know kids love to eat ae corn chips with the hot sauce coating on it.  I cannot say I blame them I love them too but eatng them in excess it too much. Like several bags a day.  As a matter of fact I don't think I have had a bad of hot doritoes this year.  Growing up I never heard of kids with kidney problems.  A healthy diet with 9 to 11 fruits and vegetables you know the drill.  That is another web page.

Give this method a try, if it does not work for your child then seek professional help.  It is the greatest joy for you and your child to overcome bed wetting.

Some 39 years later when I heard a radio or news announcement about treating children for bed wetting my ears perked up.  After doing research I discovered a bed wetting treatment center that use the same method that I had devised at the age of 9 but with a greater protocol to treat their patients for bed wetting!

Bladder Training for Adults

Now that you are an adult you are pass the bed wetting stage you can actually still train your bladder in the same manner as I did when I was a child at the age of 9 years old.  Kegel exercises for and women and men.  I'll keep my site G rated and discuss those exercise strictly for the purpose of bladder control.  I will give you the simple exercises I've done then later in the paragraph provide a link to a Everyday Health Web site for additional information.  Now that I am older and I am on blood pressure medication I am finding that I have to use the bathroom urgently and more frequently than I normally have to.  Drinking coffee is a diuretic which will send you to the bathroom frequently also pulling the water out of you every 15 minutes it seems.  2 or 3 cups of coffee and on daily blood pressure medication that is to be expected.  To counter act the effects of coffee you will need to drink 2 cups of water.  That does no make since to you? I've tried it.  It works you really do not have to go as often.   But, another tip, you sip water you don't have to go as quickly as if you gulp a glass of water.  Tip too, if the water is not ice cold it does not seem to make you have to go as quickly after you drink it.  

The exercises; Again when you are home for a period of time drink water hold it for a few minutes longer like 15 minutes, then go.  Don't hold it so long that you urinate on yourself.  (The schedule at work when I was employed was so demanding we went when we could and that was when we almost wet on ourselves.) Keep doing this stretching it out at adding 15 minute intervals until you are able to hold your bladder  for 2 to 3 hours.  As long as you do not have and accident or become uncomfortable.  You may have setbacks but don't give up.  Especially if you start out on a regime of trying to get your 8 glasses of water in a day and fall of drinking it and then start back up again. 

The next thing you do is while sitting on the toilet you are urinating stop the flow of urine if you do this you are exercising the kegel muscles. The above technique are what I actually used from trial and error on my own below is a link that discusses in more detail with authority on exercising and training your bladder.