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Why You Should Exercise

As in any lifestyle changes if you are under a doctor's care talk with your health care professional before you make any changes.

Here are some of the benefits of exercising.

  • You burn calories when you exercise. My goal to lose weight. Logically the more you exercise or engage in physical activities the more you will lose the more calories you burn. I'm not sure how much you lose doing house work but I know you have to engage in some activity for 15 minutes to lose weight. 4 times a week.
  • Exercising can give you a jump start in losing weight. (For me I had to start exercising just to begin losing weight.) Building muscles burns calories which causes weight loss.
  • Exercising boosts your metabolism. (A while ago I worked with a new young employee who was a short petite thing. We had a staff luncheon we ate pizza, wings salad, bread sticks as well as desert. I watched as this little lady piled it on. I saw she ate way more than I did now I am 5' 5". back then I was a size 16. She could not have been anymore that 5 feet even, maybe a size 6. I asked her where did she put all that food and not gain any weight. Her answer: " I like to eat. I know I will gain weight if I eat too much, so I go to the gym and work out ant least 3 times a week. If I don't go to the guy I will gain weight." There was no extra fat on her! I'm taking a page from her book! I have a ways to go. I will get there.)
  • It is best to exercise in the morning. Exercise can stimulate you and stave off sleep if you are doing intense high impact exercising. Exercising does seem to help you to sleep better. (According to my husband it lessoned my sleep apnea symptoms. to exercise in the morning is not feasible for me right now. I drag myself out of bed and it takes all my energy to get ready for work much less be able to incorporate exercising in the morning schedule. I usually cool down my exercising by walking on my tread mill.) A walk is best for exercising at night (For me riding at a moderate pace on my exercise cycle works good for me then a walk on the treadmill to cool down.
  • My favorite exercising improves your mood! Exercising causes your body to release the chemical endorphins. Nature's chemical to calm you make you feel good. It's the same chemical the is released when you are in love, or eating chocolate!
  • Exercising has health benefits to reduce some health risk illness such as heart disease, hypertension high blood pressure, exercising can reduce bone loss. certain cancer such as colon cancer. Exercise I have discovered in my research can help some mental illness, depression.

I'm ready. Let's do this!  A one, two and one two! Keep it moving!