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The Egg Shell Skin Remedy

If you have a boil and you are in reasonable good health.  I say this because if you are allergic to eggs I do not advise you to try this.  Also since we have had salmonella contaminated eggs you may want to hold back on tying this one.  If you are diabetic if you have any kind of a sore on any part of your body you should seek medical attention.  To bring a boil to a head to drain. Take a raw egg crack it open. Store the egg in a small sealed container to use later. The small Rubbermaid container works.   best. Peel the skin from the egg shell.  Clean the area first.  Apply the skin directly onto your boil. You would apply the inside of the egg shell skin to the boil. You may have to use a bandage to hold the egg skin place. Allow it to stay on over night. Two or three applications usually will help the boil to come to a head and drain. Keep it clean it and bandage it for a day then let it heal on it's own. It works for me!

If the Egg Shell Skin Remedy is unappealing to you keep reading the next one should appeal to you.  I got the Egg Shell Skin Remedy from my mother.  The next remedy I got from my husband.

Noxzema Skin Cream Remedy

Yes Noxzema the Original Deep Cleansing Cream. I think this one is a safer simpler remedy. Who would have thought?  Who knew?  Real simple. Cleanse the area first.  Early in the evening apply a generous amount to the boil. You have to apply a bandage to the spot to hold the Noxzema cream in place. You should apply two bandages forming a crisscross to keep the Noxzema from oozing out from sides of the bandage.  Allow it to stay on over night.  The longer it stays the better.  The next morning the boil should have risen to a head. You can then gently squeeze it without being in excruciating pain. Once it bleeds red blood all the poisons/pus has drained out. Keep it clean and bandaged.  As it heals wash the area with antibacterial soap. 



Warm Compress

Alternatively you can apply a hot pad to the boil, rather a warm washcloth wrung out with hot water.   Just hot enough as you can stand it but not to burn yourself.  This take longer about 10 days for the boil to come to a head before you can gently squeeze all the pus out.  Keep it clean use an antibacterial soap.  Bandage it. Use warm compresses until the wound heals.

Seek Medical Help

As always seek professional help on any medical condition that seems to be really serious. Some conditions or boils may be a indication of something else, it is always better to get it checked out. Boils are your body's way for ridding itself of toxins. I have seen estimates of 2 weeks to 24 days for a boil to run it's course. Come to a head and drain. Some boils may need to be drained by a doctor. By all means go and get it taken care of. Boils are highly contagious, do get treatment for them! I have not yet gotten professional treatment for a boil. In the event I do get them they do not last 2 weeks, if it comes to my getting or needing professional treatment to waylay your fears I will share the experience with you. It seems whenever I am prescribed and start taking a take a new medication is when I get a boil?  Hum?