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What Is Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is the largest and most rapidly growing drugless health care profession in the world. The reason for its phenomenal growth and public acceptance is two fold. First, it often gets results when other methods fail. Second , chiropractors are the best trained in their field, providing a superior health care service for many ailments, as shown by numerous government studies and internationally conducted studies. Reading this page I have transcribed should prove to be an enlightening experience. it may be the most interesting and vital information on health care you will ever read. Read the material toughly you owe it to yourself

                             by Dr. Charles A Wilk.

Chiropractic is. . . .

that science and art which utilizes the inherent recuperative powers of the body, with emphasis on the relationship between the nervous system and the spinal column, in the restoration and maintenance of health. Doctors of chiropractic may be referred to as "chiropractic physicians" depending on the preference of the doctor or the patient. They are physicians in the finest sense of the word, dedicated to building and restoring health and resistance and improving the quality of life.

Chiropractors use may standard diagnostic instruents to complete their examination of patients.  They are licensed by law to practice in all 50 states as well as many countries around the world.

Depending on the state regulations, chiropractors may recommend exercise, use physical therapy, regulate the patient's diet, use food supplementation, restrict activities, and advise rest and proper hygiene.  Although chiropractors may use a variety of natural approaches to health care, they ae primarily identified with using "spinal adjustments" to restoration and maintenance of health.  This will be explained in the following pages.

Spinal Subluxation . . . .


. . . Is an expression you will frequently hear an a chiropractor's office. It is used to denote a complex series of events which may involve two or more vertebrae as they articulate with each other. The vertebrae may become "fixed" or restricted within their normal range of motion, affecting the spin's ability to function normally. This term should not be confused with "medical subluxation." which simply refers to a minor vertebral displacement. A chiropractic subluxation is more complex and is appropriately named a "subluxation complex."

Shown below are some vertebrae. The front portion of the spine is weight bearing and consists of vertebral bodies and their discs. The discs are made up of a jelly like substance enclosed between the bodies of the vertebrae by outer fibrous rings. The discs act as shock absorbers.

The back portion of he spine gives rise to the joint surfaces which are called "articular facets." They guide and help keep the vertebrae sliding within their normal range of motion. Small openings are created when the vertebrae when sit on top of each other. These openings are called "intervertebral formana" which allow nerves and blood vessels to exit. The sensory nerves which exit from these openings allow you to feel the sensation of touch, pain, temperature and pressure, while the motor nerves that exit are responsible for your being able to move your muscles and joints. Impaired function of these nerves may cause a Varity of human discomfort including pain, restricted motion, and a need to restore normal joint mechanics. Since the spine is the part of a living mechanical structure, you will hear the expression "bio" (for living) and " mechanics" used ; hence, the term "biomechanics" refers to the mechanics of a living structure.

The typical spinal components involved in a sublaxation complex may be the interverebral formina and the nerves and blood vessels which exit from them, the front weight bearing portion of the spine made up of the bodies and disc, as ligaments, local muscles and their tendonous attachments to the vertebrae.


By Dr. Charles A. Wilk

Benefits of Chiropratic Care

Someone once asked me if I believed In Chiropractor?  Like do you believe in Santa Clause?  I visit my Chiropractor once a month for maintance.  Hum,..   Do I believe in a Chiropractor? The best Chiropractor is Roseman Chiropractor in Detroit MI. Yes Chiropractors are beneficial in health care. Years ago I asked my Medical doctor about the field of Chiropractor treatment his statement Was:  "They are a bunch of quacks."  Well most health insurance companies will pay for treatment. (My insurance sure does)   If Health insurance companies pay for chiropractor care they must not be quacks.   There is great health benefit in chiropratic care.  My Chiropractor gave me a pamphlet  loaded with good information it is transcribed in this page to give anyone reading a better understanding of what chiropractic care is  

Here  is  more of it transcribed below written by Dr. Charles A. Wilk

  • Chiropractic is MORE scientifically based than medicine within its realm of therapy.

  • A 10 year British government study found that chiropratic care is twice as effective and safer than medicak care for back pain.

  • An Italian government study showed that chiropratic care reduced hospitalization bu 87.6% and work loss by 75.5%

  • A Saskatchewan University medical center study utilizing chiropractic care got 82% results within 2-3 week with a group of 172 medically unresponsive patients suffering for seven years.

  • An Ontario Government study utilizing world class economists found that chiropractic is not only medicallu "superiror" and more cost effective but safer.  The study cautioned the Ontario government against many of the "untested, questionable or harmful" medicla treatments and preferred chiropractic care over medical.  It further recommended chiropractors act as "gate keepers" in all hopitals directing appropriate care of back cases.

  • A Chicago hospital study showed that an orthopedic ward using chiropractic care was sending patients home well 7-9 days sooner than under medical care.
  • The largest HMO in the entire southeastern United Stetes sent twelve paitents wher medicallu diagnosed as needing disc surgery to a chiropractor, who corrected all twelve of the cases, saving the HMO major costs and possible surgical complications.
  • The world renowned RAND Corporation, the largest nonprofit research corporation in America outside of any university, found that spinal manipulation (as used by chiropractors) is as "appropriate" therapy.
  • The Utah State Worker's compensation records show that chiropractic returned people back to work at half the time and cost of medicine.
  • UNNECESSARY surgery and drug reactions kill between 3,000 to 5,000 people EVERY WEEK.
  • The U.S. Office of Public Health found that 2/3 of over the counter drugs don NOT do what it's promoters claim.
  • Medical doctors in Los Angelas County went on strike for one month and the state audits revealed the the death rate dropped by 153 persons as a result of elective surgery that was NOT performed during that period.

These Documented Facts prove that the only Honest and Objective approach to a safe and effective and cost effective health care system requires rational and close cooperation of medical and chiropractic doctors.  Demand this cooperation  

Taken from a booklet by Doctor Charles A Wilk