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Don't use a Laxative

This is a subject that no one talks openly about.  You may have had this problem at one time or another. No one knows that your are reading this page unless someone is looking over your shoulder.  I don't know who you are.  I don't know who is looking at this page, unless of course you tell me.  Avoid using a laxitive.  Often times you can create a problem by trying to solve the problem.  You do not want to become dependant on a laxitive especially if you take them too often.  I myself only took a laxitive once, it was too harsh.   I felt like I had the stomach flu after taking a laxative.  It would be better to take fiber.  Even then you need to consume water.  

 There are many causes of constipation.  One main cause is not getting enough fiber in our diet look for the diverticulitis page at:  To see a menu to get more fiber in your daily menu.   Another possible cause for constipation can be from the over use of cough syrup or cough drops.  Also taking prescribed or otherwise iron pills and not drinking water can cause constipation.  Most important of all is to drink water to relieve your self.

Here is a trick you can do to relieve constipation effectively and should work right away.  Make sure you are where you can get to the bathroom to relieve yourself.  Start doing this in the time span of one hour.   Drink filtered water or if you prefer bottled water.  Basically a good quality water.  Drink 8 oz of water every 10 minutes within an hour.  For me all it takes is four 8 ounce glasses in 30 minutes  it works immediately!  After that you should try to drink at least a glass of water every hour every day.  If you do that every you will have your daily requirement of 8 glasses of water.   You will feel better even if you are not one who suffers with constipation.

Please note if you are having other health issues constipation could be a sign of something else wrong.  Everyone should get checked by a health care professional to make sure nothing else is wrong with them. 

Note: A good practice is to drink a glass, 8 ounces of water first thing every morning.  To help you to remember to do this is to set a bottle of water by your bed handy for you to grab first thing when you wake up.  By the way it really is best to drink room temperature water instated of cold water. Ice cold water is actually shock to your system.  Once you start drinking room temperature water you will get use to it.  You will not have to use the bathroom so quickly when you drink room temperature water.


Another reason that can cause constipation is nor getting enough fiber in our diet. Take a look at my page for diverticulities diet menu. Think fresh fruit, whole grain first then add meat. Actually we should think of meat as a condiment. What is best is whole grain. I grew up on whole wheat bread. I'm sorry honey when I married my husband who was use to white bread when we went grocery shopping I would put wheat bread in the cart when I turned my back he switched it to white bread. He went through the check out line and to my dismay we had all white bread when we got home. White or light bread as he called it tasted like dough to me. Well finally we are now on a whole wheat bread in our household. Well I'll have to make special trips to get wheat buns for our turkey bratwurst. We did find the wheat thin buns at our Samís club for our turkey burgers. On the news there is this new diet called the I think it said the DASH diet to lower blood pressure and cholesterol don't eat red meat, I've done that. Cut out fat eat grains . I'll look into it and devote a page to it. It may be what I am trying to do and may give me more insight.

According to Dr. Oz, The average amount of meals that you consume before you have a bowel movement is three meals. The average adult should consume about 35 grams of fiber a day. It's hard to do if you are not accustom to eating like that. Just remember meat, fish, and poultry, is not fiber. Your best friend for constipation is non water soluble fiber. Benafiber that is sold at just about every local chain drugstore works well but then non water soluble fiber is better. I like the effectiveness of one from The Better Health store brand, Colon-Time Colonic Cleanser and Conditioner.

 You have to get use to the taste, make yourself drink it right down.  It does taste better than some medicine.

 I'm all for doing for yourself  what you can for better health without breaking the bank.  Making wise selections at your local grocery store.  I wish I could shop at The Whole Foods Market for all of my groceries but I don't have it like that,.. . yet.   Organic food is way more expensive as it is more expensive to grow. 

It seems that the general public and news is aware that we Americans are way too fat. Another reference tool to get your hand on is a book Eat this and not that. I love to eat out. When you think you are making a healthy choice because you are eating a salad ah-ha it may have hidden calories you don't know about. Here is a good reference tool I picked up pictured below. Eat This Not That I am not a wheat grass tea drinking, Tofu eating person I still want to enjoy life but use temperance.

I get a Dairy Queen now and then. I think I may have had 2 blizzards since they came out.  Meaning I refrained from getting one every week during the summer like I would like to.  I really like Cold Stone Creamery. I go there maybe two times a summer.  One of the examples in the above book at Cold Stone is, Eat Coffee Ice Cream with Chocolate sprinkles and maraschino cherries in a sugar cone 375 calories 20 g fat etc.(like it size). NOT a Lotta Caramel Latte(like it size) 1,320 calories this small latte has as many calories as 3 McDonalds Double Cheeseburgers.  you would think that if you get a latte you are consuming less calories than an Ice Cream.  Ha not.

Back to constipation keep it simple the more you sauce it, cream it and process it up the less fiber you have for the benefit of your system. A treat now and then I feel is ok but don't make it a part of your daily diet. It will be self defeating. I was reported in a news paper health report if you want to start a healthy eating life style and you are over the age of 40 you need not eat pizza for the rest of your life.  Sigh. One of my favorite dishes. Not even a vegan Pizza on a whole wheat crust?

The point is the more processed your food is the less fiber you are getting in your diet. Processed cheese, flour sauces, creamed, gravies and so on. Your body needs nutrition fiber and proper fluids to function properly.

Prune Juice

Prune juice is prune juice. Cooked prunes, dried prunes and prune juice was always my Mom's favorite standard for constipation cure. I actually like the taste of prunes, dried, stewed or prune juice. I don't know why but I have always had problems with my stomach and elimination when I was a child. I ate the same food as the rest of my brothers and sisters. I ate my vegetables. Okra, asparagus were the only two she fixed I did not like. There was certain meat she fixed I did not like. Calf's liver was one, roast beef was another. I tolerated pork chops. Well, meat does not contain fiber. I loved fruit. I say all of this to say that I did consume fiber. When we were kids if you even said you had prune juice you were teased and laughed at. You drink prune juice??  Ha-ha!  What, are you constipated?  No one has to know you are constipated nor drinking prune juice. TMI (Too much information)  Prune juice will keep you regular.  As an adult I have migraine headaches which are accompanied with constipation. So for me that explains me suffering with it as an adult.  One of the ways to prevent constipation is to consume enough daily fiber.  To see how much daily fiber you need take a look at my Diverticulitis page. 

If you are seriously constipated I have found that 1/2 cup of prune juice is all you need to get relief.  No more no less.  Drinking more than 1/2 cup may give you the runs.  I recently had to resort to prune juice. The reason being my doctor discovered that I am once again anemic, prescribed that I take daily iron pills.  Iron pills defiantly cause constipation.  I am on daily medication for my migraines but I still have the periodic accompanying symptoms (one is constipation) The medication does eliminate the migraine pain. Taking the iron pills and recently having the migraine symptoms I was seriously having problems with elimination. The water cure was not working for me.  I was getting waterlogged.  The only thing that helped me was prune juice.  Drinking 1/2 cup of prune juice will give you relief in a couple of hours.  It works for me. I will usually drink it with breakfast. About one and a half hour later I get relief.  Most times I will not have to repeat the prune juice again for a few days while I am taking the iron pills.

Just remember 1/2 cup of prune juice is enough, any more may give you diarrhea.  Check with your doctor to see if the prune juice conflicts with any medication that you may be taking or if you have a bowel or intestinal condition. I do not know of any warnings against consuming prune juice while taking any medications.  It is always best to swallow pill or tablet medications with water.