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Make a Schedule to date your Spouse


We have meetings to attend on our Jobs We make appointments for our clients. We have a calender at work that our secretary or clerk whomever is designated to make our appointment set our schedule. We go to meetings after work, dinner meetings, Saturday meetings. Out of town business trips (meetings) But we never make time for our significant other. Family and our loved ones are squeezed in there somewhere in-between. There should be a specified night as often as your schedule will allow that is set aside for you and your mate as your date night. No deviation keep this date as often as your relationship and schedule will allow. When you were dating before you got together, how many times did you go out with each other? Once a month? I don't think so. Every other week? Ha! Once a week? . . .Hum? You can be flexible don't make it a ritual where it is not enjoyable. Rotate between the two of you what you want to do or go on your date night. Just like when your job plan an Expo and there is a committee looking for a location. You and your mate can be a committee of two, planning where and what the two of you are going to do together.  Take a tour to my other web pages to get additional ideas of places to go.  For this summer I plan to go back to Frankenmuth and take a Horse Cariage ride.  When I do go I will post the Pictures on this site. 

The Pictures are on the Frankenmuth page at:

My Special Date With My Mate

If you have children and they are school age they are in school or if they are at a day care take them to the day care center without guilt.  This is a day for you to destress and have time with your spouse.

Albeit I am retired it our children are grown and on their own, my husband and I can make any day a date.   You can still take a day off from work and plan a special date.  It may sound kind of kooky.  This also falls in the catagory of my take an at home mini vacation.  This has caught on into a life of it's own now called staycation.   Back to Date your mate.  Pick a romantic resturant or even go to a pancake house you normaly don't go to and have breakfast.  Make it a whole day.   

How about breakfast at Bob Evans.  Here is one of my favorites at Bob Evans Spinach Biscuit bowl


Use your imagination. If you are treating this special lady do not take her to a fast food restaurant. You do not have to break the bank. After breakfast if she appreciates culture maybe you can visit your local museum next.

Ordinarily most people do not just go to the museum or maybe you do. My parents took my brothers and sisters to the museum and the Detroit Art Institute instilling in us a love of culture and the arts. when we were children and we developed a love When I attended Wayne State University since it is in the area I spent time visiting the Detroit Historical Museum after classes. The museum will never get old to me. I will always enjoy special trips visiting the museum and the Art Institute.

After that take a senic drive around your city.  This is relaxing a geat stress reliever you get a chance to spend quality time with the love of our life.

I also love to have a movie and dinner date with my husband.  Being on a fixed income we will take in a matinee movie then go and have dinner.  Before we retired we did it just the opposite, dinner first then, the movie then after the movie go and have dessert. 

In my younger days I loved to dress up for after five events. Being Christian we did not have many if any opportunities to dress for formal occasions.  Formal weddings were one.  Aside from weddings we had to create occasions, acceptable events to get dress formally for. A Formal Dinner for the Pastor's Anniversary was usually one event. Our local church had and annual formal Usher board dinners. It was so much fun we all looked forward to that one formal event of the year! (Real Christians do not go clubbing.)  If you are the type that like to get dressed up in formal wear you may want to make your last stop for the evening a formal restaurant and dress up for the occasion.  To me that would be an exciting date night with your mate!  If you can get him to go along with it!  Like for you anniversary, or even your birthday.  I'd say even on valentines day. Make it fun and special!  You only go through this life one time!  You may as well enjoy it!  An exciting evening is a great stress reliever.

The old saying goes; what ever it took to get her you have to maintain it to keep her.