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Decaffeinate Tea Naturally

Decaffeinate Tea Naturally


It's really very simple to decaffeinate tea naturally. Steep the tea bag in a little boiling water for 20 seconds. Just enough to cover the tea bag. No more than 20 seconds then discard that water then start with a fresh cup of boiling water and steep your tea as strong as you like it and enjoy. You have made your own cup of decaffeinated tea!

Best cup of Tea

The old joke about not knowing how to cook is not knowing how to boil water. Making a cup of tea is as simple as boiling water. Tea for me is a anytime favorite and healthy drink. There are a varieties of tea for different health benefits. For the best tasting tea is to start with cold tap water. Bring the water to a boil and pour it over the tea bag. If you boil the water in a microwave oven do not boil the bag of tea in the water. Again use a glass measuring cup to boil the water then pour it over your tea bag and allow it to steep. Just note for regular black tea leave or orange pekoe tea leaves 3 minutes is enough for a good cup of tea. The longer you steep it the stronger your tea will become and sometimes a little bitter. For herbal teas you can steep them longer like 5 or 6 minutes. Green tea one of my favorite because of it's health benefits if you want to make iced tea you can steep it for 6 minutes.

More on making tea



My latest Gadget I did not put it on my gadget page because it's about making tea. You all know the health benefits of drinking green tea. It has antioxidants that help your body to fight free radicals that can lead to many diseases. I always like my tea to be made fresh from a tea bag. I then know what is going into my tea.. This Iced tea maker from Mr. Coffee is a life saver for me. To make iced tea you first must boil the water of course. Then steep the tea bags. I learned that to get the optimum flavor from you tea bags you need to dunk them gently up and down in the hot water, don't just let them sit in the hot water. For Iced tea you generally let the tea bags steep longer than if you are going to drink a hot cup of tea. This is a real stress reliever for me, set it up and go do something else. The iced tea maker does everything for you. Fill the Ice tea maker with water at the level you want you put the tea bags sugar and lemon juice or what ever you want to flavor you tea with. You put your ice in the carafe turn it on and in a few minutes you have a carafe of iced tea ready to drink!