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The Detroit Auto Show

Every Year it is in my plans to visit the Auto Show. My Dad being a Ford Employee (retired) took us to the Detroit Auto Show as we were growing up and I caught the Auto Show Bug. I try to go every year. It's not because I am in the market to buy a car, it's an event I like to attend. I enjoy looking at all the new cars, the concept cars especially. I feel I am more aware of cars as a female because of my dad taking me to the Auto Shows and my brothers buying high powered cars.  I'm not a car expert, I do enjoy looking at them and reading about them. I really don't buy cars very often. I think I developed that from my dad too.  My first car was a Green '77 Volkswagen Beatle when I purchased it I did not know how to drive a stick shift. I took it out every evening after I got home from work on the bus until I mastered it them I proudly drove it to work. I even remember the gentleman that I purchased the Volkswagen from, a Detroit Mounted Police Officer.   In 1999 I wanted to purchase a new Ford Mustang. When I priced what my insurance payment would be, it was going to be more than my car payment! That infuriated me greatly and I did not purchase the Mustang. I did get the feel of driving one recently for a minute. My eldest son stopped by my house with one of his friends who owns a Mustang and he allowed me to tool around the neighborhood taking the car through its paces! It was a stick shift! It has a nice ride it felt like it was planted firmly on the road. The gears were tight there was no play between each gear it sipped into each gear accurately no mistakes. The steering was tight also. A nice car. . . . . One day I may get my Mustang.   This is why you see old people driving sports cars.  It's because for some reason or another they was not able to get one when they were young or single.

These are a few pictures from last year's show.  

 You can go to: to see what is up at the show this year. Still there is nothing like being there in person.

You can go to Wikipedia to look up when the Detroit Auto show started you might be surprised.