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As I said before you don't have to be in that market for a new car to visit the Detroit International Auto Show. I did not attend the show last year it was right at the time my father passed and we were preparing for his funeral. Ok here comes the pictures. You actually need at least 3 hours to really see everything. I have my favorites. I'll start with what I think are cute first. The cliché is a picture is worth a thousand words. There is nothing like being there.



Can this police car catch anyone?  No obviously only used for parking enforcement. 







My first car was a a Beatle a 1977 model


A-a-ah the Mustang



The MKT!


A retro Lincoln 1941.

The Morgan.  This car has been out of production for years I understand It was brought back.  I read that this car is to appear in the next James Bond movie.


I took dozens of photos check back often as they are added.

On of my brothers had a fascination for trucks he wanted to be a truck driver when he grew up which eventually he did and because of it my eldest son is now a truck driver. My brother told my dad he waned a Cadillac truck.  Mike here is your Cadillac truck!






I can see my son Domany in this one It's big enough for his wife and two kids.



I liked the color of this one below. You should have seen the black metallic paint job! Just beautiful!




      I believe this one is a concept car.