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Detroit Art Institute

As promised… Here are Pictures from the Detroit Historical Museum. I had a furlough day and decided to spent it like a tourist. I actually visited the DIA also but was not sure if I could take pictures in the DIA or not. Once I found out I could I only took two pictures the first one below is a motor cycle carved totally from wood. The second photo is one of my favorites a wood socket plug.





Detroit Historical Museum

My favorite exhibit is the old streets of Detroit.  Growing up my parents took us to many cultural events and places to enrich our childhood.  On Sunday afternoons my parents took us to the Detroit Historical Museum.  During that time period the museum showed a diffirent movie each Sunday  afternoon.  Here are a few of the pictures I took. 



The exhibit is kinda dark located in the basement of the museum. 




               Below is a print shop you purchase greeting cards and note paper.  This is before Hallmark stores.                




This is the music store.