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Winter Blast in Detroit 'Motown'


This pictures came out better than I expected.





Ice sculptures always fascinate me. I marvel in their beauty and skill of the artist.

These are cute. I could not stand behind them and take my picture too! I had my husband with me I really did not want to anyway and he was not going to pose behind these Eskimo sculptures.


Now this one I certainly was not going to sit on and freeze my buns off.  I had to stand and wait until all the kids got up and quickly snapped this picture.  These chairs are fit for a queen, an ice queen that is.



How graceful looking and sculpt from ice.

These Pictures came out better than I  thought.

La- la- la.  Hey - Hey

You can even see the inscription on each piece.


Now for the Skating rink.

Can you see our polar bare friend on the ice?  Ok here's a close up.

There were actual carnival rides for the kids. Hot dog booths, ring toss booths and more. Oh yeah warming tents. If you did not go this year and you are in the area make plans to go next year. I was born and raised in this area. I will admit I do not like the cold weather. Since I have retired If there is a snow storm I don't go out at all If I can help it. When I was young coming up every winter I went ice skating on the outdoor parks and recreation rinks. I could only stay on the ice for 15 or 20 minutes, go inside drink hot cocoa then back out on the ice.