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Having your Meds list handy

I am not a fan of visiting the doctor. I'm sure none of you out there are. Each doctor that you visit will ask you what medication are you taking. The dentist, your general practitioner and so on. As you grow older it seems that there are more pills you have to take. I vowed that I would never carry around my RX bottles each time I either change medications or go to a new doctor. What I decided to do is list all of my medications on a card. Actually I printed it on a postcard with The Print Shop program on my computer saved it, when my medications changed I go back in and make the adjustments. I carry this card with me. I also gave a copy to my husband in case I am in an accident or he needs to take me to the hospital then he has all my information about the medications I take. One copy of the medication card can be give to a primary care giver. On the back of the post card I list the name of the pharmacy where I fill my prescription. This is a handy tool for your doctor or dentist to make a copy of. Make sure that your spelling of each RX and the dosage is correct on your card and it exactly matches your prescription bottle. List how often you take it a day. Pictured below is the back and the front of my card as an example of how I typed up my card just to give you and idea. You may want to include your patient's name or address on your card.  Though I do not recommend any other personal information to be included.


ID Insurance and next of kin

As you know the next question you will be asked is for your health insurance information your ID whom to contact in case of an emergency. You should always have your ID on your person as well as your Health Insurance cards, just in case you are in an accident. Remember those cards that came with your wallet already labeled in case of an emergency whom to contact. With technology things are different now. Anyone you want the emergency room staff to contact place and ICE in front of their names on your cell phone. I have mine listed in my favorites in my phone. I think there should be a separate app labeled ICE on the phone for that. I say that because I love my voice calling and that ICE thing messes up my whole voice command thing. I don’t want to say example: “call ICE Joe” You should have everyone's address and emergency number listed on your cell phone and please have their proper name listed. Not a nick name.

No doubt you will have to complete health history forms. You will have to remember all your surgeries illnesses treatments and the like. For older persons if that is extensive I suggest you put that in a small journal like a loose-leaf binder. If you can get copies of your medical records just so that when you get additional treatment an the new doctor needs an overview of what treatment you have already received this would help. Or what family medical history this would be helpful. Make a family tree chart of family history of both parents medical history to give the doctor of what runs in the family. A page for mom a page for dad will be sufficient.

New technology, I'm thninking soon we will have all our medical records stored on a flash drive. That will be pretty cool. The key is not to lose the drive. When that day comes I'm sure there will be some coding, encryptions and individual pass keys included in each individual flash drives case it is lost or stolen.  Until then. . . . .