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Birthday in Frankenmuth July 21, 2010

I spent the early afternoon in Frankenmuth Once again I got the world famous chicken dinner, well lunch. I won't put a new picture the chicken It looks exactly the same as the older pictures on the page. It is still good and tastes the same. The meat is so tender it falls off the bone.

Ok I took a bite of the apple cheese cake before I could take a picture. I never had apple cheese cake before. The whole day experience for me is worth the drive. Ah next time I plan to spend the night instead of rushing back home the same day trying to beat the rush hour traffic.

The Castle shops below the Bavarian Inn Resturant.

The parking lot view of the Resturant.  I love to come to Frankenmuth.  If you have not been you must visit.


You have to see the Glockenspiel Clock.  It has puppets that tell the story of the Pied Pipper

There goes the rats out of town.  Next are the kids.  Ther is usually a crowd waiting for the hour to strike to watch the clock work.

If the Baverain Inn is too crowded you can go across the street and have the same chicken at. . . .

If you don't buy anything from Frankenmuth you have to get some fudge

There is so much to see strolling down main street.  Next time I visit I will take the boat tour.

In the Summer flowers are in abundance beautiful!

A flower Chicken Topiary!

Vacation in Frankenmuth Michigan

Each year I try to make a trip to Frankenmuth Michigan.  My destination is to have one of the world famous chicken dinners at the Bavarian Inn.   

If you are ever in Michigan, in the area it is worth the trip you must visit The Bavarian Inn for dinner, or lunch, 

After dinner it is the perfect time to take a tour in a horse drawn carriage ride an tour the city. 


Some of what you will see along the way

To Michiganders this is a perfect mini vacation! 



And more to see!