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Affordable Health Insurance

My passion is for everyone to have health care insurance. I feel that it would benefit the economy greatly if the United States Provided Health care for all of it's legal residents. More people would accept decent paying jobs the are unable to provide health care business. It could cut the cost of business expenses. We could possibly have more people working. People who work do spend money putting money back into the economy. Now I know Canada provides health care benefits to it's public. We need to find out how they are funding this and implement a similar plan. Here I am compositing a list of health care sites and searches to assist well some of my family members and anyone else who may be looking for health care insurances. This could be self employed individuals. People who are getting paid cash. For starters since I live in Michigan I will start with insurance that is accepted by Michigan doctors and go from there.

Below are some links that you can click into insert your information without committing to any sales pitch and get quotes on insurances from several top known insurance companies.  This fist link allows you to obtain insurance quotes without inputting your personal information such as your name nor your address so that you can shop and research with out a sales person pressuring you. You can apply online on the first two links below.    This Search can be exhaustive I will be adding more as I fine them.

This next link is locally for the Detroit and surrounding area. You can allso search this link with out adding personal identfying information to have a sales represenative pressuring you.

The bill has passed I wish it was free for everone.