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Relief for Hemorrhoids

How do you get Hemorrhoids? I'm going to talk off the cuff a while off this subject. Again I say I don't know who you are looking at this page. I don't want to know who you are. No one knows who you are unless you tell them. This condition is not something anyone wants to discuss. It's very personal and embarking.

Example conversation: "I miss seeing you."  "Oh I was home under the weather."  "You don't sound sick.  Did you have a cold?"  "No. It's my butt.  My butt hurts.  I can't sit down on my butt." "What's  wrong with your butt?". . . . . .You don't want to tell them You  really stop at saying I dont feel well.   

What are Hemorrhoids?  They are the enlargement of the blood vessles at the base of your anus from various reasons of straining.   Hemorrhoids can come from sitting too long such as a sit down job.   My Dad forbade me from sitting on the cold concrete porch.  He vehemently stated that if I sat on the cold concrete porch I would develop hemorrhoids.   He was so adamant about it I carried this tradition on with my children.  I never looked it up or even asked to see if it were true or not.   My own personal experience is through straining in child birth developing hemorrhoids.  The last thing is constipation, straining too much to have a bowel movement I have a page on this site at  After Constipation comes Hemorrhoids if you keep ignoring it.  DO NOT KEEP TAKING LAXATIVES.  You do not want your body to become dependant on laxatives this will slow down the normal rhythm of your body as well as affect electrolyte imbalances.  

As your doctor prescribes a sitz bath with Epson salt.  Soak for 15 minutes is the best Rx.  Take care of yourself. Use proper hygiene. If you are sore or itch where you wipe when you use the bath room use a moist wipe instead of dry tissue.

The OTC cream ointments like Preparation H work best.  According to some reports the Suppositories are not as effective.  I do find the creams more effective.  I don't like using the creams.  Yuk.  As I always say If your Hemorrhoids are bleeding and you are in great pain seek help from your local health care professional.  If you bleed with your bowel movements I would not suggest you try any of the above treatments. There is no need to continue to suffer.  My doctor did warn me that surgery for hemorrhoids is very painful.  There are several treatment options.  Get help.

If you are a migraine suffer like me constipation goes hand in hand with the migraine so I have to take extra care in my fluid and fiber intake.  Take a look at my migraine page:

Prayer Faith and believing that God answers prayers can bring you deliverance.  I did not have surgery.  I no longer suffer with hemorrhoids.  I am healed!