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Cure for a bothersome Cough

Try this if you have a cough that keeps you awake at night

Rub Medicated chest rub on the bottom of your feet.  Put some socks on.  

This really works I've tried it myself 

Honey for a cough

This one I got from my Mom and forgot all about it until I saw it in my AARP magazine.  Remember the line in the Marry Poppins movie a spoonful of Honey helps the medicnie goes down?  Well actually the spoon of Honey has medicinal properties Make sure you don't give it to very small children.  People with diabetes should not use honey at all for for this purpose. The good thing about the honey is you can repeat the dosage as needed. Just remember honey is high in sugar content. How it works is it coats the throat and sothes the irrated throat. If the cough is not from a cold then you should consult a doctor especially in older adults.

Poison Ivy/Oak use Liquid dish Soap

Another one form AARP Magazine this one helps for poisin Ivy or poison Oak.  Within tow hours of contack wash contacted areas with liquid dish soap.  This study was done by a A Arkansas dermatologist Adam Stibich. The plants leave oil on your skin, the dish washing soap is formulated to remove oil. Tthe study group washed for 25seconds then rinsed with water. hey used Dial dish washing soap It worked for half ind reduced the inflammatin for the rest by 56%.  A good quick preventaive emergency treatment measure. 

Tart Cherry Juice/Gout

Again If AARP says it works I trust them.  I've heard this one before I only half believed it; Drinking tart cherry juice can help prevent gout attacks, relieve muscle soreness after exercise, and possiably help with arthritis pain. It has natural anti-inflammatory properties. (I don't have gout. I do had arthritis and I have started back exercising so I will include tart cherry juice in my diet.) Studies have been done with all kinds of cherry juice. Thwmwdicinal properties only works with the tart cherry juice not the sweet juice.  This study was done by Gout expert Naomi Schlesinger, M.D. So really this is true!

Menthol Rub

I read this one in AARP magzine too that if you apply mentholated rub like Vicks Vapo Rub to your tonail for a fungus treatment it could be a cost effective treatment. In a study it helped 15 out of 18 adults to cure or partially clear up their fungus. It was suggested to wipe the affected nail with a white vinager soaked cotton ball then apply the Vicks Vapo rub. 

Witch hazel

I've used witch hazel as an astringent on my face it's not as drying as alcohol. It helps to tighten skin. If you suffer with hemorrhoids applying witch hazel on the area with a cotton pad soaked in it is so soothing, refrigerate it first it really helps. Witch hazel relieves inflamation.  Store bought hemorrhoid pads contain witch hazel.


AARP Bulletin again, they are so-o full of helpful tips. Ginger can reduce nausea. I learned this one from my mom years ago too but I forgot about ginger. In the article it states that some There has been studies showing that taking 1 gram of ginger an hour before surgery can reduce nausea and vomiting during the first 24 hours after surgery. And a large National Cancer Institute funded study found chemotherapy patients who started taking 1/4 teaspoon of ginger daily three days before chemo reduced their nausea 40 %. Smaller doses worked better than large doses of ginger. In studies crystallized ginger was found to help with people who suffer with motion sickness. In the studies a word of caution do not go above 2 grams of ginger and Ginger extract capsules which are much stronger may cause stomach upset.

Water H2O

Besides drinking eight glasses of it a day here are some more benefis of water to help you stay well. I have said if you are on medication it is a must for you to drink water in order for the medicine to work properly to drink water. Some medicine it says to take with a glass of water. They really mean it to take with 8 ounces of water.

Now to the RX of just pain water:

Gargling with plain tap water can help reduce the number of colds and respiratory infections you get as well as relieve symptoms if you are already sick. A 2005 study of about 400 healthy volunteers 18 to 65 years of age in Japan. Those who gargled 3 times a day  had about 40% less respiratory infections during the cold flu season than the controll group. those that did get sick saw a reduction in bronchial irritation when they gargled. They found gargling with salt water or with honey lemon a safe and effective way to soothe and clense a sore throat.  The honey and lemon is a old home remedy. Hagen says the salt in the water draws out the excess fluid from the throat's inflamed tissues "and the warm water may help clense them a bit better."