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Increase Personal Devotion

We spend time texting our boys, girlfriends, husbands, wives, and so on. We find time to have quality time with our children, significant other. We have a boy's/men's night out, a girl's night out. Father and son and or daughter night. Mother-in-law lunch. Mother daughter dinner. Appreciation dinners for Pastors, Bosses, secretary’s day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Children's day, Grandparents day and so on.  How can we increase our time with our God!  Now on my page Stress 101, one of the things I list to do to relieve stress is Pray!  Here are a few things you can do to increase your personal relationship with God. We will start with individual devotion time and then move on to family devotion.  It is so hard to actually set aside time to spend in devotion.  I suggest you don't try to do it all at one time.  Take breaths of devoton throughout the day.  Like a short text message to God, make it from the heart!  A lot of us find ourselves only reading our Bible on Sunday here is tip #1 to increase your reading time. 

Bible Study Time

Most Churches have passed out the Daily Bible Reading Assignments at the beginning of the year to read through the Bible in one year. If you are disciplined this is an excellent way to get through the entire Bible in one year.  I'm not that disciplined.  One way to study the Bible is to study one book at a time. Like study Acts for a period of time.  Or Study one of the characters in the Bible like Paul.  He's one bad dude!  Or John the Baptist and so on.  Below is a list of suggestions of ways to help you get started reading . 

  1. Bible CD. Play the Bible CD or in my case a Bible cassette Tape and read along with the tape while it's playing. Read one chapter at a time or 15 minutes or 30 minutes at a time. Even 15 minutes is better than nothing.
  2. Play your Bible CD while you are driving, load it onto your MP3 player or on your Ipod.
  3. If you have neither you can log onto and click on the audio button and hear a chapter read aloud at a time. Sit back in a comfortable chair put on your CD and listen. Me I have to read along with the tape or I will fall asleep while the tape is paying. I have set the stove timer so  I will get 30 minutes of listening in and I have fallen asleep and only wake up when the timer goes off.  So now I follow along with my bible while listening to the cassette tape. 
  4. Now with Android devices Tablets Cell Phones you can install Bible applications onto your device for free. At least one of the popular applications that I know of has an audio feature for reading the Bible. The You Version Bible application. You no longer have to buy a CD of the Bible. Oh technology! I no longer use my Bible tapes. I listen to the Bible my electronic device, how nice!

Increasing your prayer time.  

  1. If you travel/commute alone use that time as your prayer time.  If you are too shy now days no one will know what you are doing.  If they see you praying  they will think you are talking on your cell phone or on your blue tooth.  Years ago a man saw me driving and praying he held his hand up where I could see it and flapped his thumb and fingers back and forth the universal gesture of someone that is gabbing too much.  This was before this age of cell phones.  I threw my hand up in a hallelujah praise. He quickly snapped his head around and drove on  minded his own business.
  2. Turn your 15 minute morning break into a prayer brake. Ask to see if you can use a break room or maybe a conference room to pray in on your job.  See if there are fellow coworkers that wish to join you to pray and get permission of course. 
  3. See if you can have a Book/Bible Study maybe weekly on your lunch hour.  Taylor  it as a reading/study group.  If you cannot you can always read on your own individual break time.
  4. Pray in the bathroom stall.  Don't act un-seemingly.  Being bold about God is one thing.  Acting in a manner that is obnoxious and in such a way that would repel people is not  being bold.  Pray without ceasing!
  5. Instead of singing in the shower, pray in the shower.
  6. When you are out walking for exercise pray.  
  7. Download the bible on your Ipod and listen to that while you are walking.
  8. Take whispers of prayer throughout the day. A sentence or two prayer whenever you can.  A praise, like Jesus I love you!  You are an awsome God!

Family Devotion

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.  Proverbs 22:6

When we were children, family devotion consisted, of all of us gathering in the living room and listening to dad halfheartedly reading passages from the Bible.  Then we moved to each of us reading a passage.  Finally as we grew and became old enough to get part time jobs and dad's work shift changed, famly devotion went by the wayside.  With my young sons I started reading Bible Story books to my sons.  Stories geared for young children.  I then went to attempting to watch Bible Story Videos with them.  One of the sets was titled I think Through the Bible.  That became boring for them.  I'll admitt some of those videos are still unopened. The best things that I found that helped with young children is listed below

  1. Bible Story books, age appropiate.
  2. Bible themed videos, one good example The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe
  3. Bible fill in the blanks books crossword puzzles
  4. For small children look for and buy Bible related toys, Noah's Ark. In my surfing the web I came across this site.  I haaven't ordered anything yet but this is a start.
  5. One popular item is that WWJD jewelry.  It  did not come out until after my children were grown.  I see young teens wearing the pieces as a reminder of their life devotion.
  6. Your local Christian book store will have a vast assortment of material to get your family devotion started or back on track.

When I taught Sunday School classes I was directed by our Sunday School Superintended to countless material online to teach teens and as a parent to help in reaching your teens and getting God's word in them. 

These are a few Ideas that may help.  Blog me on my Blog page if you have any more Ideas!

Easy Bible Study For Me

Now that I am retired simple and quick. I am finding just start from the beginning of the bible and read as many or as few chapters as you feel comfortable with a day. Set aside a time each day, quite time and just read, digest what you read. I am finding it more interesting and enjoyable to read going from book to book I plan to go though the bible at my own pace this way. Give it a try and see how it goes for you.