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Psalm 3:5 "I laid me down and slept: I awakwned: for the Lord sustained me,"

Psalm 4:8 "I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep for thou, Lord only makest me dwell in safety"

Proverbs 3:24 "When thou liest down, then thou shalt not be afraid: yea thou shalt lie down , and thy sleep shall be sweet."

Eccleiastes 5:12 "The sleep of a labouring man is sweet, whether he eat little ormuch: but the abundance of the rich will not suffer him to sleep"

Isaiah 29:10 "For the Lord hath poured out upon you the spirit of deep sleep, and hath closed your eyes. . . . "

Getting Baby To Sleep or Adults Too

Cannot go to sleep at night? This works for either babies or grown ups to help you go to sleep naturally. This is for children who no longer drink formula. Bathe your baby before putting to bed. A nice warm bath will always put a baby or an adult into a relaxed mood. (For adults a bath actually relaxes you as opposed to a shower which stimulates you) Before going to bed drink my calcium packed milk:

Cannot get your baby to sleep at night? Or You cannot go to sleep?

                                                              1 C cold milk

                                                              2-3 Tbs powdered Skim milk

Stir to mix well.  You may heat it in the microwave for 60 seconds at 70% power test  to make sure it's not too hot for baby.  Heat at 30 second intervals 70 % power until it reaches the desired temepture.  You do not need to boil the milk.  If you heat it too hot you can add cold milk to cool it down.

The calcium in milk is what actually causes natural sleep.

Sleep aide herbal remedy

I have found this herbal remedy works quite well for adults as a sleep aide. It has no side effects and is NOT habit forming. It is not a drug and not addictive. Consult with your doctor first if you are having trouble sleeping. If you do not have an underlying medical condition that is preventing you from sleeping and it is just stress try the item pictured below. Sleep*  by Solaray   You may be able to find it at your local health food store or vitamin store.  I'm sure you may find it under different brands. 


* I do have to add this note.  If you have seasonal allergies like I do this capsule contains Chamomile as well as a list of other herbs to help you relax and fall asleep.  Because of the Chamomile, if you are allergic to ragweed as I am you may have an allergic reaction to this sleep aide.  The next few suggestions will no doubt work better for you.  I being of the age having bouts of insomnia took 3 capsules at bedtime.  ( 4 is the maximum recommended dosage)  After taking the 3 capsule dosage I had a moderate somewhat irritating allergic reaction which lasted 2-3 days.  My eyes, ears and throat itched.  I sneezed a bit.  Fortunately I did not get a runny nor stuffy nose.  I have in the past taken only 1 capsule, taken properly and did not have any noticeable allergic side effects the following day.  If taken properly it does work.  It's best to take this one hour before your bedtime. Don't take it at bedtime and expect it to work.  You will toss and turn for at least an hour or so before falling asleep


If you have been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea taking sleep aides only makes your condition worse.   A sleep sedative will cause you to become even more relaxed causing your  throat to become more softened which will then result your snoring being more pronounced.

Hot Honey Lemon tea cure

What I have found to work that will put you to sleep is a hot cup of Lemon juice and honey.  I usually use 2-3 tablespoons of lemon juice and 2-3 table spoons of honey to 6-7 ounces of water, it's to your taste.  Heat the water add the lemon juice and honey  stir until the honey is disolved.  Sip slowly at bed time.  You will find that you will go right off to sleep.  It works for me!  You can cut the recipe in half and it still works.


This is also a good cold remedy. It will not cure a cold of course. Lemon is a natural antihistamine.

Things That May Cause Insomnia

1.  I have found that the number one thing that can keep you awake at night is being on the computer. Do not use your computer just before going to sleep. Not on your laptop or netbook in bed. Keep the computer out of your room and never in the bed before going to sleep.  Even playing a game that you think is relaxing can impede your ability to fall asleep.

2. Watching TV is another factor that can hamper you from falling asleep, especially a horror movie or a blood guts and gore one. To parents with children. Do not allow your children to watch television just before going to bed, especially a scary movie. My sons would not admit it but this can cause children to have nightmares after watching a scary movie.  It is best not to sleep with the TV on. You are not getting good recuperative sleep with the TV or the news or noisy music radio on.  Even the words from the radio can can weave it's way into your sleep.  If you must have noise of some sort on I would suggest some soft soothing music.

3. Rigorous Exercising before going to sleep can also hype you up and make it difficult to fall asleep. If you must exercise in the evening make sure it is at least an hour before retiring.

4. Cell Phone. Do not take your cell phone to bed. I'm between two mindsets on this one. I am from the old school I have both a landline and a cell phone. I leave my cell downstairs on my kitchen counter when I retire to my bedroom. After getting four wrong number phone calls. Two for a Mr. Perez to report to work at 2:00 o'clock in the morning and two text messages of "Hey baby,. . ." etc. from some chick at 1:00 a.m. If your cell is the only phone and you need people to get in touch with you in case of an emergency, then it's your call whether you keep your phone by your bedside or not. Let your relatives/friends know not to call you between a certain time unless it is a real emergency.

What your body needs is a period of darkness in order for your brain to produce Melatonin, a natural chemical needed to induce sleep.  Even low light interrupts your brain's ability to produce Melatonin. Your computer, TV, Ipad, Ipod, Electronic book, game console or whatever electronic device that has a backlight when in use.

Tips On Falling Asleep

1.  Back to the television. Watch a light movie a comedy, or a drama, something that is not suspenseful.   Watch the movie in another room not in bed.  Then when the movie is over go to your bedroom this can actually relax you to fall easily to sleep.  (Don't view the news as the last thing you for the night.)

2.  Walking on my treadmill before retiring I found it did destress and help me to fall asleep.    

3. Taking warm bath, or shower.  Some have said in the past that a shower is stimulating. If you have a massage shower head or one that has a soft flow like a rain fall it can be very relaxing.

4. Read before going to bed.  Read your child/ren a bedtime story before tucking them into bed.  This is a good tool for parent child bonding and a moment of family and personal devotion time.

5. Listen to music before going to bed. Smooth jazz classical, Devotional music. Music that is calming.

"Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak." ~William Congreve~

I did my own experiment with music. I was in a situation, being angrily barraged with words. I had classical music playing in the same room audible but softly. When I switched from a soft melody to an animated tune the animation of the speech pattern followed the tempo of the music. I was not believing my ears and toggled between the two styles of music to be sure and each them the person speaking reacted to the tone of the music. I never let on to the speaker what I was doing.

6.  Aroma therapy.   There are natural scents that do help you to relax, lavender is one. I will add a page on natural scents that can help you relax without breaking the bank.

Think about it. When you are traveling on a highway you pass a spot where someone has hit a skunk. How does that odor make you feel? Ok here is another one. Have you ever walked into someone else’s house, you detect a strange odor, you cannot put your finger on what it is. It's not pleasant. The longer you stay you start to feel sick. Is it garbage, or is it mold? Or you go to eat at a fine restaurant, converted from a large old house you smell mold will you stay to eat? Or worse yet you it has a smell of fresh roach spray? You get my point.

Now think of a favorite scent that makes you smile and you want to sit back and chill.  A favorite cologne. What's your favorite?


Your brain needs darkness to create Melatonin. What is Melatonin? Melatonin is a natural chemical your body produces to induce sleep. Even dim light will confuse your brain and stop the production of Melatonin. Dim light? Your computer. Years ago I went to what was then called Home-A-Rama where home builders and interior designers teamed up and built communities. One of the main things that many designers believed in was that Televisions did not belong in any of the bedrooms of many of their homes. Bedrooms are for sleeping. The bedrooms were all luxurious if a TV was slipped into one it was hidden away into an armoire. The reason for this is you watch TV in another room, then you go to your room to retire and go to sleep. Your bed should not be used while on your computer. You should not be working at home in your bed on your computer. Work at a desk away from your bedroom if you must work at home when you finish or stop working closer your computer. Or turn the TV off and retreat to your bedroom to go to sleep. If your TV is currently in your bedroom never fall asleep with the TV on.  I have stated this before this is more pronounced for me now that I am older, oh buy the way as you age you produce less melatonin.  I noticed the later in the evening I am on my computer the more difficult it is for me to fall asleep at night.  Now the perfect remedies that will solve insomnia.  I have used the tablet form before.  My sister-in-law suggested the liquid form.  My sister-in-law works for a doctor's office it is not habit forming.  The doctors prescribes it.  If you are clumsy like me maybe you might want to get the tablet form.  The liquid is a bit more expensive. Wouldn't you hate it if you dropped the bottle of the liquid and spilled it?  The tablets you just scoop them up.   Here it is liquid Melatonin.    It is natural.  When I first started taking the tablet form a few years ago my son and husband was not favorable with me taking it.  Now that they have a better understanding it's ok.   The difference between the liquid and tablet is the liquid gets to your brain faster.  I do notice the liquid does work faster.  If you need a little help falling asleep you may want to give this a try.  You can find this at your local health food store.  Or where vitamins and dietary supplements are sold in your area.  Take it according to the dosage as instructed on the package.  I found since I take medicine at night, it works best if I take the Melatonin first 20 minutes before bedtime then right when I go to bed take my night time medication

I hope these suggestions are helpful.  If you are on any type of medication consult with your doctor before taking any herbal supplement.

Stop The Sleep Robbers

I have found one of the biggest sleep robbers is watching television prior to going to sleep.  The main one is the computer.  One hour prior to going to bed make a conscious effort to turn off the television and your computer.  Most of all don't work on your laptop while sitting up in bed. The reason your body needs a period of darkness to produce melatonin.  Give this a try.   This one is for parents with small children.  Did I do this when my children were small?  Yes.  Parents, after your child has taken that night time bath and put on their pajamas take that time to read to your child.  According to a news report reading to your child actually makes your child smarter.  The children are in bed.

Now time for the adults.  Or for those who do not have any children nor small children.  The TV is off the computer is off.  Turn on some music. Smooth relaxing music the lights are turned down low. Time for you to wind down and relax.  As a Christian I do not advocate alcohol.  Select a relaxing beverage of your choice and sip on that.   Of course the hot lemon and honey tea I mention above.  I have a gas fireplace in my family room.  Ah, I wish I had one in my bedroom also.  Turn on the fireplace sit by the fire for a while listen to music.  Don't forget to turn off the fireplace before you go to bed.  You should be relaxed enough to fall asleep.  Below is one herbal tea that I like.  Yes it does work, but alas, it contains Chamomile.  As I mentioned above being allergic to ragweed.  I get an allergic reaction drinking the tea pictured below.  Not as bad as when I took the 3 capsules that I mentioned in the above paragraph.  Any herbal tea would work, as long as it does not contain caffeine, cinnamon nor ginger or any other stimulating spice.  Here is the sleepy time tea.   I'm all for finding natural ways of inducing sleep without some of the harmful side effects of taking prescribed sleeping pills.