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Symptoms Of Menopause

Here are some of the symptoms that you may experience when you have entered into the peri-menopause stage of life. You may experience all of them or just some of them. They may be mild, moderate or severe. If your symptoms are severe I urge you to seek help from the medical health care profession there is no point in going through this without professional help. If your symptoms are in the mild or moderate range here are some tips that may help ease the symptoms through this transition. If you are on ANY medication you must consult your physician before taking any additional herbal remedies or dietary supplements as they may work against your medication.

Here are some of the symptoms that you might experience associated with menopause:

  1. Irritable
  2. More moody than you have ever been, haywire moods
  3. Depression for no apparent reason feeling blue and down in the dumps
  4. Hot flashes
  5. Night sweats
  6. Feel extremely cold when everyone else in the room does not feel cold
  7. Prickly skin, you have a itchy feeling or like tiny needles are pricking your skin
  8. Extreme fatigue majority of the time
  9. Weight gain
  10. Or weight loss
  11. Hair growth
  12. Or hair loss
  13. Facial hair growth such as chin hairs.

It sound pretty awful but actually it is not as bad as it seems.  You will get through this!

I have experienced all of the above symptoms, except weight loss.  I gained weight and I am still struggling to lose it.  However when I was prescribed a daily medication for my migraines I received an unexpected benefit.  One of the side effects is weight loss, see my migraine page at:  My menopause symptoms were somewhat moderate.  I could took the herbal remedies and got through it. I did start losing my hair.  I gained weight.  I became irritable I started taking herbal remedies.  Valerian root helped to calm my nerves.  Then one of the ladies at my church told me about Estroven.  It has all the herbs in it and it really helped me.  My poor husband having worked around older women when he was younger anticipated the changes I would go through.  I do have hot flashes.   Black Cohosh does help.  One thing you must be aware of when taking herbal remedies they take time to build up in your system to work. You cannot take it once and it start to work in 20 minutes.  It may take a few days before you see results.

My Mom felt hair is important.  She was blessed to have three daughters along with her four sons.  She loved to sew and dressed us girls in bows and lace trimmed hand smocked dresses.  She styled our hair into long Shirley Temple curls.  My brothers, she even tailor made their Eton suits with cute short pants! She dressed them in their sharp suits with knee high socks.  As my mom said we looked like downtown Hudsons!  My Mom's hair was always short.  It simply would not grow long.  She so badly wanted long hair.  Hair was important to her.  (After we all grew up and moved out of the home her hair finally grew down to her shoulders)  "But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her:  For her hair is given her for a covering." 1 Corinthians 11:15  So she passed on to me that my hair is important.  When I started losing my hair beginning at my temples I was alarmed, upset and deply depressed.  I hid my hair loss from my husband I kept my hair combed over my edges.  I did not know how far back my hair was going to recede. Would I go bald?  Well I joked with my hair dresser I asked her if she could glue a weave on a bald scalp she assured me she could.  I then went to God asking for my hair to come back.   In my prayer I spoke this verse back to God asking for my hair to come back and my prayer was answered!

Herbs and Remedies

Estroven PM

One supplement that I have found to help.  Estroven PM which can be purchased at your local chain drug store such as CVS. The supplement taken as directed helps to reduce night sweats.  Some of the ingredients that it contains are Black Cohosh which many women swear by as an aid with the relief of menopausal symptoms. Some of the other ingredients are as follows; Valerian root(which alone stops the prickly skin) Chamomile flower extract (which helps to relax you and lets you get to sleep) It also has vitamin B-6, Calcium and Magnesium Nutrients that our maturing bodies need. vitamin B-6 supplements can help correct the depression, malaise, glucose intolerance and increased tryptophan excretion in some women using oral contraceptives. You know that as we women grow older we loose calcium. Magnesium we need having a mild deficiency caused sensitiveness to noise, nervousness, irritability, mental depression, confusion, twitching, trembling, apprehension, insomnia, muscle weakness and cramps in the toes, feet, legs, or fingers. Our metabolism slows down as we age and the amount of food that we consumed now may be more than we need, but we must continue to nourish our bodies with healthy nutrients to function.

St John's Wort

I have found that St John's Wort may help with Depression. (If you are experiencing depression that is affecting your daily life Do Not Try To Treat it yourself Seek Help From the Medical Profession)

Additional tips to curb night sweats

Some additional tips to help you get a good nights sleep. Keep a thermal glass of crushed ice by your bed side.  Allowing the chips of ice to dissolve slowly in your mouth can cool you off at night

Sleep ware: It must be cotton sleep ware. Tricot, nylon any thing made from synthetic fiber will hold the heat and moisture and make you ever so miserable to sleep in. I am all for sleeping in anything feminine and dainty but it must be made of cotton for comfort.

Ladies try not to get an extreme hair cut at this time of menopause.  It may be a shock to your hair and your hair may not grow back. Take a long and thoughtful considaration before you make take that step.  Consider a wig to see if you will like that shorter look first.  They say hair grows the faster in the spring time of the year so hold off until spring to get that cut if you are reading this and it is in the fall of the year or winter.  I did get my hair cut not a lot cut off.  More of a cut into a shape or a style.  Fortunatly after I suffered hair loss around my temples my hair started to grow back.  I wanted a new stylish look. 

Here is a picture of my hair before my cut.   I Had just gotten it done this was my old hair style.

I did not get a extremely short hair cut.   Drum roll

Va-va- voom hear it is!  The cut!


The second time she did my hair the back looked even better than the first time.   So here is the back view the second time around. 


Now if I only did not have to sleep with that CPAP machine.  It presents a challenge fitting the mask on over the curlers.  I don't mind rolling my hair since wrapping it no longer works with night sweats.  My hair would come out stringy with no curl.   To read the purpose of  CPAP machine and see pictures on my web page sleep apnea at:   My goal is to lose weight and  get off the CPAP machine.    Follow my progress on My big Lose page at 

(11/9/10) As you see I did not go drastic with my hair cut.  Actually I went from mediocre to fantastic!  I do not regret this look at all!  I received  compliments one after another on this new hair style!  Do something good for yourself!  I am blessed that my hair has resumed it's normal growth pattern.  My hair dresser last month cut it again because it had grown out from my original cut.  Novel idea, I think for the winter months I'll see how long it will grow.

Black Cohosh

I have found the herb Black Cohosh to be very helpful in easing symptoms of Menopause. You can find this dietary supplement is most drug stores that sell vitamins and dietary supplements. Or you can purchase them at Health food stores. Try if you can to make the transition of menopause naturally. As I stated previously if your symptoms are so severe that none of the tips help seek professionals help. See if your health care professional will give you lab tests and try to help you with this ultimate transitional phase of every woman's life. 

A lab technician in one of our local hospitals stated they have a program where they test the woman's blood to see what her system is lacking as she is in the menopause stage. If she is having problems sleeping then they check to see what is her melatonin level.  Whatever she was lacking then that would be the dietary supplement she was given to help her sleep.  As always if you are on other medications let your doctor know what you are taking or plan to take.  The herbs may conflict with your medicaiton.  


Coffee helps menopause?  One of our local news stations reported there was a study done on postmenopausal women who drank 1-2 cups of coffee in the morning their risk of gout was reduced by 22%.  If  they increase it to 4 plus cups of coffee the risk of gout  was reduced by 57%.  The results was not found in tea nor sodas.  I wonder if cappuccino counts?  I make my own with skim milk.  Or rice milk which does not froth as well as skim milk.  Next I will try unsweetened soy milk and see how well that froths.