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Managing Your Migraine

Before you start using home remedies or medicine to manage the pain of your migraines you need to find out what causes your migraine episodes. I have found the most excellent tool you can download onto your iPhone or tablet. It is called Ubiqi Health Migraine Tracker You can find it in the app store of your device. I use to ink onto my old fashioned calendar MH's to indicate my migraine headaches. When you visit your doctor they will need a accurate tally or chart of how often you have a migraine and the duration of it and how intense it was. I would then have to flip through my paper calendar, copy the dates of each occurrence on a separate sheet of paper to take to my doctor. This application does all that for you can lists your dates, times, triggers, intensity. Then you can show your doctor the "news feed" of your episodes it will show your doctor how many 'hours' the migraine lasts the intensity at a glance or swipe of the page. Awesome tool! This I feel is the first step in gaining control of your pain. You can then track what triggers your migraines and avoide those foods or whatever triggers your attachs.  For me mine are triggers that are beyond my controll. For me it is always the weather.  Try out this application it might work for you.  It is amazing for me!

Hot Lemon Juice Tea Cure

Migraine headache: Resting in a pitch dark totally quiet room always helps. 

Here is a natural remedy that may help you: Mix 3 tablespoons of lemon juice 6 ounces of water heat in the microwave for 2-3 minutes.  Do not add any sweetener, no sugar nor honey.  It has to be lemon and water.  Do not boil it.  Sip it slowly before you take to the bed in your darkened room.  It should help to minimize your head ache.  You must rest after drinking the hot lemon juice water or it will not help. (  I've done that drank the hot lemon water and stayed up. After a while the hot lemon tea effect wore off.) 

To be perfectly honest I hate going to bed in a darkened  room to sleep in the middle of the day, with a migraine.  I might miss something.  If I do lay down because of a migraine, I'll end up sleeping for 2 or 3 hours.  That's 2 or 3 hours of my life that I will never get back.   So I sit around and suffer with my migraine for 12 to 72 hours when I could have taken a 2 or 3 hour nap an maybe, maybe minimized it, somewhat.  If I am not really extremly sleepy  I don't feel the need nor do I like to sleep.  If I'm not sleepy I actualy cannot go to bed and just go to sleep.  I go to bed at night and sleep because it is necessary.  I have suffered long enough not getting good sleep with sleep apnea see my page:  I have expirenced health related issues because of it.  Yes sleep is inportant for our bodies to function properly.  I just don't want to spend more than 8 hours in a 24 hour day sleeping.


Peppermint oil Treatment

Peppermint Oil; Place a drop of peppermint oil on your temples before laying down it seems to help minimize the pain. If the oil is from a Bath shop and the oil label states Do not apply directly to your skin. Put a dab of lotion on your temples on the spot you will place the oil before applying the peppermint oil. These treatments give temporary relief or eases the pain. If you have serious migraine pain like I do then this home remedies only offer a short term relief and you will need to seek medical attention. My Magnetic hematite jewelry does offer some relief from migraine headaches  many people who have purchased is you can find my jewelry on my web store at 

One of my coworkers started developing a migraine headache at work.  She was looking for anyone in the office that might have Excedrin migraine medicine.  No one in the office had any.  I took my magnetic hematite necklace off and slipped it around her neck.  She had a lot of errands to do after work and had to see her mom at the hospital.  As she wore my necklace the migraine subsided, she forgot she had my necklace on.  She intended to return my necklace before she left work.  She left work picked up her child from school completed her errands went to visit her mom in the hospital.  Once she got home to her horror she realized she had not returned my necklace.  I knew she had forgotten.  I wanted her to wear it as long as possible for her to get the full benefit.  She returned it the next day.  Needless to say she purchased several pieces of my magnetic hematite from me.  Do take a look at my web store  Also shop at my Etsy store  I have another shop too at:

Herbs that may help ease Migraine pain

All of these herbal remedies I have at least tried so I can give you some insight on them.

Butterbur: I have found helpful in minimizing migraine pain taken one tablet at breakfast time with a meal. Again at Dinner time with you meal if needed. You can find them at vitamin outlet stores.  This herb works the best for me.

Feverfew: Can also be taken and is helpful in reducing migraine pain.  To my understanding you will have to take this one on a regular basis to get full benefit from it.  As in any herb you have to do a trial and see basis to see if it work for you.  Feverfew did not work as well for me as Butterbur.  It has been said give it 6 to 8 weeks to see if it works.  Talk with the health store personnel to see if they can help you.

I have found this homeopathic treatment really helps my migraines.   It's called Migraine Relief it is by Natra Bio Natural Homeopathic Medicine.     I purchase it at a health food store. 

As always if you are taking any prescription  medicine.  Check with your doctor before you take any herbal supplements as they may change the effectiveness of the medicine you are already taking


A couple of years after I orginally wrote this page: 

Unfortunately my migraines have gotten much worse and the above homeopathic pills do not work for me anymore.  Also over the counter medicine never did work for me.  My migraines have spiraled out of control.  I am now under the care of a neurologist. What has happened due to the stress of my job I experienced two black out episodes.  The second black out episode I fell, struck my head on the edge of my desk and suffered a concussion. Because I am predisposed to having migraines it took longer for me to recover from the concussion.   I was in pain daily 24 hours for well over 6 weeks. Actually I do not remember how long, maybe it was months.  After the last blackout and hitting my head with 35 years of service on my job I decided it was time to retire.  My neurologist concurred with me it was time to retire.  My doctor started me out on Imitrex (Sumatriptan Succinate) Taken at the onset of a migraine to be repeated in 2 hours if necessary.  My migraines were occurring so frequently, they are still out of control.  I am now on a daily medication Tompamax (topiramate) which seems to be working.  The medicine does not stop a migraine but it prevents one.  I still have to take the Imitrex if I get a migraine inspite of the tomamax.  So far that has only hapened only once since being on the daily meds.  

11/30/10 New note:  I get migraines even on the daily meds whenever it rains all day.  I have found that taking the lemon tea mentioned above helps a lot.

As I say to anyone reading this web page there is no reason to suffer, get help.  Migraines are so debilitating your life does not need to stop or be hampered because of it.  Hopefully as time goes by I will get better.  At some point in time I may get off the daily medication.   Wishful thinking.

Melatonin and Migraines?

There is no known cure for migraines. There has been no established reason why people have migraines either. I have had in the recent past trouble sleeping check out my insomnia page for tips.   I have discovered one of my natural remedies for insomnia relief melatonin, may be helpful for migraine relief.  In my research a small study was done on melatonin to relieve migraine sufferers.  Here is a link to my insomnia page to see tips and the liquid melatonin.  Now the webpage am talking about that has the information on the research done on migraines and how melatonin may be helpful in preventing migraines is:

Constipation and Migraines

As a migraine suffer you may experience constipation. I use a colon cleanser from the health food store which seems to work better for me than Benifiber. For one, I found that I had to use Benifiber every day. With the colon cleanser I used only when I have a migraine and experience constipation. I generally only have to take it for a few days, until my migraine leaves and my system gets back to normal. I also have several techniques I use to relieve constipation. One thing I want to caution anyone reading this article you do not want to get into the habit of taking laxatives. you can get dependant on them. Also the reason laxatives are too harsh for your digestive system to take on a regular basis and should only be used very sparingly. They will throw your elimination system off almost making it dependant on laxatives for you to go. Read about constipation relief and to see the colon cleanser on my page at:  By all means do what you can to take care of yourself if you do become constipated. After untreated constipation and straining could lead to developing hemorrhoids. Read all about that on my web page at: