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I wanted a G.P.S. device and asked my family to get me one for  Christmas present. I even told my family that they could all chip in and get me a G.P.S. that was all I wanted. I still did not get one for Christmas.

Ha! I found a really inexpensive G.P.S.  It does everything that I needed it to do and more.  It is an Ebook an MP3 player, it shows photos and videos. It works for land or sea, walking bicycling or walking  The brand name is Maxx Digital Explorer II it only set me back by $120.00 generally you can find it at an office store for $149.00.  I am pleased with my toy and I did not spend $400.00 to $500.00 dollars for it. Here is what it looks like.


My device stopped working I tried to reload the maps onto it. I saw it was discontinued for a while, it appears to be back on the market. I now use my cell phone for my GPS which so far suits my purpose. My phone sometimes goes crazy and gets a new route when I don't take the route it first planned for me. I must say the above GPS followed me turn for turn and backed me out of jams I got myself into. I would buy thee Maxx Digital If I ever purchase a GPS again.


In my effort to achieve good health I purchased a juicer a while back.  It is one way to get more fresh fruit into my husband.  I have found this Juicer to work well for me. I was able to purchase it for $99.00 which did not break the budget. It's a Jack Lalanne Power Juicer.  It's worth getting only if you use it.  I've made good use of mine. I only just taken a  photo of this juice though I have been using it for over a year now.  I never put it away It stays on  my counter ready for use!


Mini Food Processor

My latest purchase is kinda cute.  I did not spring for a full size one that holds 5 cups.  With the two of us I will not need to grind up slice grate or grind up 5 cups of anything.  Here it is!


The Black and Decker Mini Pro Plus Food Processor. According to one review: "It's small in size but it keeps up with the big guys!" Indeed it does! The bowl holds 2 cups. This too I am using daily. It only set me back $20.00 dollars at Target. It makes preparing dinner salad a breeze. It pulses the filbert nuts I put on my salads, slices the cucumbers, bell peppers, and the tomatoes. Grates the carrots and anything else you want to add to your salad. The first night I used it I called my husband to dinner sooner than he expected. He stated he was thinking: "Hey I did not hear her chopping up anything. As the turkey tenderloins seared in the pan, buz-z-z-z-z. . .buz-z-z, less that 2 minutes everything was sliced, the salad done! Now if you are in the market to get a food processor, if you are young and have a family I will say shoot for the large size. A single person get the mini. You can invest in a larger one if your life changes. Again with my home now an empty nest it's just the two of us for my daily food preparation this mini is perfect for my purposes.

Honey as long as the ingredients are in the fridge you will be getting a salad with dinner every night.

Ice cream maker

Now that I am retired I get a chance to play with all my kitchen toys that I was to tired or working to many hours to use any of them. Pre retirement I was working 12hour days and on Saturdays. Now I have time to make Gelato with my Ice cream maker. On my trip to Atlanta My daughter-in-law and her husband introduced us to the Italian treat Gelato. Look and drool.

First the Ice cream maker.


I try not to pay full price for anything.  I purchased this from Brylane Home for $39, $40 dollars.  Regular price was $99.00 you can press the lever down on the front and dispense it soft serve right into a cone. 

I got the recipe for the Gelato from the website  All Recipes.  My favorite place for what my imagination calls for me to cook.


Just a throw, in everyone knows what a bread machine looks like. With mine I have made these cinnamon clone rolls. No I did not pay full price for my bread machine. I also purchased it from Brylane Home. Their magic price seems to be $39 to $40 dollars when they put their kitchen appliances on sale.

My rolls Yes I found the recipe on the internet.


It's all about enjoying life without breaking the bank. One of my hobbies is cooking. Now I have time to get back into trying new recipes.

Cappuccino Maker

To go along with the cinnamon rolls this is the machine to make a great cup of Cappuccino.  It only set me back by $20.00  From all places Wallgreens 


Pictured below is a cup of homemade Cappuccino.  My Cappuccino machine has more than paid for itself.  All I had to do was make 5 cups of Cappuccino for it to pay for itself.  I have made well over 5 cups.  I use flavored coffee with a little cinnamon sprinkled on top.  Nice!

Here you have it, this with my breakfast.  A delicious  cup of Cappuccino made right at home.  Tasty!