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Week May 18, 2009

5/18/2009: I designed this web site as an aide to help anyone who visits this site with tips and ideas to cope with and ways to relieve stress and to have fun.  Since I have started this site I know everyone's life with today's economy has become more stressful.  My life certainly has, basically pertaining to my job.  I know it is beginning to take it's toll on me.  I have developed symptoms that I am sure are stress related.  I have had  physicals, ekgs etc. nothing seems to be wrong.  Generally stress related symptoms do not necessarily show up on performed medical test.  I now realize that I must loose at least 50 pounds which I know will improve my health.  I have started this weekly diary to chart my progress.  I will share what I am doing to achieve my goal.  I am not promoting a diet nor a weight loss program for anyone to try or to follow.  Basically I have experienced good health up until now.  In the past two years or so I have started taking blood pressure and cholesterol medicine because of weight gain.  Those are the only two medicines that I take daily.  What I plan to do is make life changing steps which I plan make my daily routine. 

My first step is to ride my exercise cycle and walk my treadmill three to four times weekly, in the evening. I know that exercising in the morning is actually better. Right now that will not work for me. I am already working on drinking the eight glasses of water daily. I take filtered water in a stainless steel canteen to work with me daily. I will put two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in 27 ounces of water and sip on all day. Or when I run out of vinegar substitute lemon juice. I have stopped eating red meat due to my high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I purchased a juicer, which for the fun of it I will put on my gadget page. I drink fresh juice daily. I as a rule I did not eat fast food when I was young. I started eating more fast food as I got older more stressed. I have cut out fast food since I gave up red meat. I pack a lunch daily. I will make homemade chicken salad, turkey salad. Or us baby-boomer generation our mom's use to fix, egg salad sandwich for lunch. Homemade soup. Today I made a fresh homemade tomato soup. I have always liked tomato soup. When you make it yourself you have control over the sodium in it. I have even made turkey vegetable soup.  I am too bashful to publish my actual weight.  I will disclose how much I have lost each week.  Today I am too tired to post my first before Picture.  I will take my Picture Saturday.  Whatever I loose this week will not yet be a drastic change from today to Saturday.  So It's Saturday to see how I've done this week and re-evuate what steps to add next to achieve my goal.

In addition to high blood pressure I have developed sleep apnea. I awaken each morning feeling sick. Migraine headaches, chest pain, blood pressure elevated. Zero energy. Just this past weekend I rested the entire weekend trying to feel better. When I started riding my exercise cycle is when I actually started seeing an improvement in my energy level.


Okay I felt up to taking my Picture today 05/19/2009.  This is my before photo.  No spandex, no bare tummy showing, just me in everyday clothes .

Ok I have re-evaluated my weight and how much I need to lose.  My sarting weight is 240 lbs. I really need to lose 75 lbs. 

Saturday May 16, 2009 I splurged.  My husband and I went to Bob Evans.  I had Banana Pecan, cream cheese stuffed Hotcakes topped with whipped cream and 2 turkey sausage links.  After that treat I decided to work out to lose weight. Every now and then you have to pay the piper see my page at I have to figure out how often I can treat myself with out blowing my progress to lose weight.  For now that is all.  I will see how my work paid off this week on Saturday. If necessary some adjustments will have to be made. Gear up the exercise, pare down the food intake. If nothing else so far I must say even in this short time I am beginning to feel better physically.

Ladies we are always on our men about getting checked up. We need to do the same. I have pretty much kept up with my physicals. I did lag behind with my mammograms. When I did catch up around 2002 then I got the scare of my life. My x-ray showed not one but two lumps in my left breast, each were the size of a plum. Now you may say didn't you feel it. I felt nothing, I am large busted.  I did my monthly manual exam. Even when my doctor examined me after my x-ray she could not find the lumps in my breast. A wire lead had to be inserted into my breast while being x-rayed to show the doctor where to make her incision to remove the lumps. Even the Clinic freaked out when they read my x-ray. I took the mammogram 7:00 pm the next morning at 8:00 a.m. three doctors called. As I walked to my desk at work my desk phone was ringing and my cell phone was ringing.  I answered my cell and was told to come into the doctors office that evening.  After I hung up with the clinic my husband called and said they had just called the house I let him know the called me on my cell.  I cleared my voice mail message left on my office phone it was a message for me to call the clinic.  By then I was pretty shaken up.  I managed to work through the day I continued to work each day until my sugary.  One of my coworkers asked me if I was ok with this, no I wasn't.  All went well the lumps were not cancer.

Friday May 22, 2009

I took a half a day off of work today a much needed rest from my job. I went to Sears to purchase a pair of walking shoes an added activity to lose weight. (When my husband and I go out to walk I would slip into some sneaker clogs. My husband has told me more than once rightfully so those are not good shoes to walk in.) The sales clerk approached me and asked : "Can I help you." I told her I wanted some walking shoes I saw advertised in the paper for $29.00 dollars I did not see them in the store. She pulled the sales paper off a stack next to the cash register. We found the shoes. I pointed out the shoes I wanted. She was a peppery brisk person. She quickly replied: "These are running shoes." Me calmly and in a slow drawl with a smile on my face replied: "I can't walk in them.?" She looked puzzled for a moment then she burst out laughing as I chuckled.

Yesterday My husband and  I strolled through our neighborhood.  I have a couple of pictures of the secenic route.

This is a stream that I always like to stop and gaze at when we go walking.


The Picnic Table belongs to the neighbor who lives next to the steam.  I would love to pick my house up and move it next to this little creek

One more Picture



Saturday May 23, 2009

Today is my weigh in day, I lost one big whopping pound! I am glad for that one pound. I almost felt I was not going to lose anything. I have this compulsive obsession to weigh myself every day first thing in the morning. Sometimes I'll weigh myself in the evening to see the difference between my morning weight and evening weight. When I weighed myself Thursday I noticed my weight went up a few ounces. I adjusted my menu for the remainder of the week I usually eat these face size muffins we buy from Sam's Club for breakfast. I'll insert a picture with a ruler so you can see how big these muffins are.  I'll eat only a half a muffin next week. Thursday I switched to Fiber One Cereal for breakfast. Wednesday's dinner will have to be adjusted. Wednesdays dinner is Marie Callender's chicken pie and Lays Chips. I love the pies but I think losing the chips will help. I know the pies are high in calories. I want to maintain what I eat but adjust my portions to lose weight. I don't want to try a "quick weight lose diet that I will tire of and then go back to my old menu and gain it all back. I never want to ever weigh more than 200 pounds in life if, when I lose below that mark. I have a digital scale that not only shows your weight and the ounces it measures your hydration level and your body mass index.  The hydration shows if you are drinking enough water daily or not.  Now almost wherever you go out to eat bear in mind the serving portions are always too large  One of the places I like to eat at is Nicolas check them out on this page If you are concerned about your weight whatever you order plan to eat only half of your dinner.  Our American Restaurants serve way to large of dinner meal portions.  You don't have to eat it all.  So Next week the question is can I restrain from weighing myself until Saturday? Hum,.. I don't know.  . . . See if I weigh on Wednesday and If I am not doing enough to lose weight. . .  then I can make some adjustments before I get to Saturday. 

Sunday May 24, 2009

I am trying to make my journey as painless as possible and still succeed . There are foods that I don't want to give up, like these muffins. I get them from Sam's Club. As I said before Serving portions in America are way to large. Here is a picture of the muffins and bagels I eat with a tape measure and a 1 cup measuring cup just so you can see the size of them. Well my husband and I plan now to eat only a half of muffin or bagel. The package from the bagel say each is 280 calories. The muffins do not have how many calories each contain. Oh so that means they don't have any *calories? Ha look at the size of these goodies.

* 9/25/2010 now these muffins have a label on the bottom they are any where from 600 to 500 calories I now eat half a muffin. the bagles are 350 calories.


Today I have cooked for the holiday. Tomorrow will be a rest day. I shall be back before the week is out. This week I will reduce my portions of starches, breads and fattening foods but maintain the serving size of fruits and vegetables. We usually have a full with all the sides breakfast on Saturday. Home made hash browns, turkey bacon, turkey sausage, scrambled eggs with cheese, sometimes apple coffee cake that's on my recipe page. Here's the link I try to eat moderately throughout the week. Twice a month we will go and get a carry out from Nikolas or our favorite Chinese restaurant.  Also every now and then when we are exceptionally tired like at the end of the month trying to meet deadlines we will either go out or pick something up from Kerby's Coney island, fish or chicken of course. We will see how well I do this next week.


Wednesday May 27, 2009

Wednesday's dinner is always Marie Callender's pie.  I usually have that with Lays Chips.  The pie is a enormous 640 calories.  A serving of chips,   15 chips are 150 calories.  Who eats 15 chips?  I probably ate 35 chips with my pie. Add sweetened green tea My dinner was no doubt 1000 calories whew way too much.  Last week since I did not show as much of a loss on Thursday I adjusted my meal plan I ate Fiber One cereal for the remainder of the week.  I had my big breakfast on Saturday as usual.  Today I'm not eating the chips.  We will see how that goes then I may have to give up the pies .   Maybe twice a month, once a month?   Today for lunch I had homemade tomato soup following the reciepe a 1 cup serving was 54 calories. and health store crackers comprable to Ritz crackers I'm not into counting calories for everything I eat.  It is and aide in making choices.  I did have three of my required fruits. What I am trying to do is to make wise food choices and reduce my serving sizes.  When you order buy prepared dishes or food it is a wise idea to actually look at what the calorie, fat and sodium content of the food selections you choose.  On Yahoo web page a few days ago there were so called healthy dishes served up in well know resturants that have whopping calories in them aas well is high sodium levels.  If you must indulge purpose to eat half or share with you dinner compaion.    


The secret to losing weight

Shakes did not work for me, diet pills did not work for me.  Hey do any of you all remember the little fudge squares ayds? Here they are.  They did not work for me either


The secret to losing weight is exercise ,drinking water and moderation in you food intake. According to Health Works host you must exercise 15 minutes a day 4 times a week to achieve substantial weight loss. To those of you if you are like me had not exercised in the past two years start slowly. The first week I could not ride my exercise bike 5 minutes, 3 minutes tops. Two days later I made it up to 5 minutes. Now I can ride 10 minutes and 3 minutes on the treadmill. This is my second week. Surprisingly you get better results if you exercise every other day. Or rotate a series of exercise. one day do one set of exercises then the next day a different set of exercises. Don't do the same exercise if you want to exercise everyday.

Saturday May 30, 2009

Hooray! today's weigh in at 237.0 I lost 2 pounds this week! 72 more pounds to go! I thought I was not going to lose but 1 pound like last week. Wednesday I skipped the chips with my chicken pie. Every other Thursday my husband and I usually pick up a carry out meal. This Thursday we got Chinese food. I ordered Sesame chicken and of course fried rice with it you get egg rolls. I ate a smaller portion than I usually eat. When I said I want to make this is painless as possible I meant with food. I like to eat food that tastes good. I don't want to eat cabbage soup for 4 days or drink a protein shake for 2 meals a day. I wanted to eat what I usually eat and make some adjustments where I find that I am consuming too much food.  Or eating too many calories in one day. Now the painful part is the exercise.  Sometimes I don't want to exercise I am finding that riding on my exercise bike works for me.   When I leave work I am so tired I would never make it to the gym.  I would only have to go 3 miles past my house  to get to the gym.  It's a co-ed gym with the ladies using it every other day.  With me having some equipment there is no excuse for me not to exercise rain, snow or sunshine.  The equipment that I have accumulated is a manual treadmeal, manual because it works you harder.  An exercise bench that the previous owners left with the house.  Two 5 pound dumbbells.  (Why do they call them dumbbells?) Years ago I bought a machine called a power rider by Gunthy Renker.  I'm going to see if I can find it on the internet and post the picture.  Could not find one right away I'll take the picture and add it later.  I forgot I also have the Thigh Master

One of my goals here is to inspire others to use the equipment that you may already have get busy and lose weight with me!  When I was a few years younger I used the Tony Little exercise tape exercises which consisted of leg lifts, abs crunches, lunges and 5lb weights you did with your arms that even worked 10 minutes a day In the morning. I haven't tried that again, I am so tired when I wake up in the morning from the ravages of sleep apnea it takes all my strength to pack a lunch for my husband and me, shower get dressed. Then go to work, Then work at what I jokingly call warp speed all day. I am finding exercising does relieve stress allows your body to start producing endorphins to calm down.  My short goal is to lose enough weight to eliminate my sleep apnea, then I should start feeling better maybe lose weight a little easier.  If you do not sleep well it has been said it is more difficult to lose weight.  I may even go on that dreaded gabbage soup diet for a few days down the road to get me past whatever point I need to get some good sleep again.  I will certainly let you know also I will let you know if I gain weight.  I was so discouraged a few months ago I attempted to lose weight I exercised (with the Tony Little exercise video) every day for 2 weeks I did not lose then the following week I exercised every other day I even gained a pound somehwere in that time period so I stopped trying.  This time I plan to reach my goal no matter how long it takes.

Lastly If you do not have any exercise equipment you do not have to go out and buy anything!  Before you start any weight loss program, even one on your own, see your doctor before you get started.  Your doctor can give you a simple low calorie diet plan to help you get started.  The best piece of exercise equipment you already have is your two feet. Start waking. You don't even have to buy a pedometer if you are looking at this website you have access to a computer.  You can mapquest a point A to point B and do a round trip and see how many miles it is.  From your front door to the store around the corner or your local elementary school.  Or walk starting out 10 minutes one way and back to your starting point that is a 20 minute walk. Or use the local high school track if the general public is allowed to use it.  Keep up your walking until you work your way up to 30 minutes of walking and so on.  Walk at a brisk pace to do the most good.  A couple of years or so ago this worked for me. I walked for 10 minutes circling the parking lot prior to eating my lunch everyday, slowly I started losing weight. The job became more demanding sometimes I don't get a chance to take a lunch on time much less have time to walk 10 minutes. Now on our local news Health Works show a study was done the question was it is better to walk with nature surrounding you instead of a crowded sidewalk?  The answer is, the nature walk where you see the beauty of nature your mind gets a time to rest and rejuvenate itself.

Saturday June 6, 2009

With my weight I am so distraught! Wednesday I had a doctor's appointment I did not exercise Tuesday night. Consequently I did not sleep well so on Wednesday I felt wretched. My blood pressure was high that morning. My doctor confirmed, that with my symptoms that I have sleep apnea. (I had concluded that.) Monday I am scheduled to take a stress test and Thursday I have a consultation to take a sleep study. The last time I had a sleep study done the results were I did not have sleep apnea. Well and it has only gotten worse over time. On Wednesday I took the whole day off from work. I felt sick the whole day. No energy it's a feeling like you are trying to recover from an illness but I'm not sick. I don't have a fever, no runny nose. Just a bad head ache and drained of energy. So I ended up not exercising for the rest of this week. I did complete the work week. Friday after work I was wiped out. So with all that being said I come to my weigh in results for today. Sigh disappointment, discouragement, I gained weight. I now weigh 241 pounds I weigh more than what I weighed when I started. Now this is the whole reason that I started trying to lose weight. I had blamed it on the blood pressure medicine I was previously taking and had my doctor change it.

This is a set back for me but I cannot give up.  Right now I am struggling with high blood pressure I don't want any other health problems to arise from my being over weight.  I have to  stick around for a while.  Next week is a new week for me to reach my goal.  Next week I'm  eliminating the chicken pie.  I will grill a piece of chicken for my dinner.

Sunday June 7, 2009

I was so disappointed yesterday I weighed myself this morning and decided to post my weight today. I weigh 239.4 that is better than yesterdays unmentionable weight. These are the weight fluctuations that I have been experiencing for the past 2 years with a slow but steady weight increase.    I became concerned that health problems would start to crop up. Over the past 2 hears before I started gaining weight I had not changed my eating habits. When I look back, I know that I have likely became more sedentary. One of the reasons is  my youngest son has graduated from college two years ago. I am no longer going back and forth to Washington DC to pick him up. I am not traveling anywhere!  Whenever I go on a trip I usually lose weight no matter how short the trip is.  When he was home for the summer we would walk to keep fit. Not as much as I should have but it was better than nothing.  My husband pointed out to me when we started back walking that I had not gone walking in 2 years!   I have also entered into a phase of life every female will enter into as she matures. This is just word of mouth from talking to other women when you reach menopause several things can happen. A couple being you could gain or lose weight. Your hair may grow or fall out. Of those two maladies my body decides to pick the ones that are the lease to my advantage. I needed to lose weight, well my body gained weight. I am struggling to hang on to my hair my body decided to let go of my hair starting with the temples. My hair did come back. I actually said a prayer to God about my hair. In the Bible it states that a woman's hair is her crowing glory. I spoke this word to my God in prayer about my hair, and it started growing back where it had gotten thin at the temples.  Just recently my temples started getting a little thin again but they have grown back.

Tomorrow I go for my stress test.  Not something I am looking forward to. On Thursday 06/11/2009 I go for the consultation for my Sleep Test.  I hope I can be scheduled for Friday night the 12th and Saturday the 13th and get it over with.   When I find out how sleep apnea is affecting me I will start over again to lose my goal of 75 pounds I feel I need to lose no matter how long it takes. There are so many things I want to do, I use to enjoy doing that I do not have the energy to do. Sewing, drawing, painting, jewelry making, to name a few. I use to Ice Skate, bicycle riding. Just riding in my neighborhood not on a trail or anything.  I want to work in my garden.  I have two flower beads I really want to get into and totally replant!  Now the most I seem to be able to do is type on my computer.  As time goes by all of that will change, I am working on that! I will come back Thursday and update my test date.  Meanwhile I'm not exercising right now.  If I come out of the test and I'm not diagnosed as having sleep apnea I'm no further ahead in getting better.  We will see.

Tuesday 06/09/2009

My weight after the stress test 238.2 pounds.  Exercising does help. I did not do too well on the stress test I got all out of breath.  I stopped before the time was up to run. I was not going to hyperventilate and pass out on the Treadmill.

Thursday June 11, 2009

I had my consultation with the sleep doctor. He ascertained the my windpipe is small and yes more than likely it's sleep spnea.  My sleep test is August 2, 2009.  If I call the sleep clinic periodically then someone may cancel and I get an earlier appointment.  As usual I am tired I am on my computer so that I can stay awake up until 10:00. Going back to Tuesday this week, yes I am tired everyday at work the way I manage is we are so stressed and pressed with the high volume of work that I work on adrenaline everyday. I came home from work, busy day. we had leftover pizza for dinner. (I bought cheese pizza from Sam's Club and loaded it with turkey pepperoni that I had previously bought from Meijerís. This was Saturday's dinner. Just an idea for you.) I was so tired after work that I thought I was going to take a nap for 1 hour. Get up and maybe even make a piece of jewelry! Well I laid down did not roll my hair up I fell sound asleep. I woke up at 10:30 rolled up my hair and went back to bed and back to slept got up 3 times during the night woke up with the sound of the alarm at 5:30. When I woke up I felt like I had just went to sleep. Ok I slept from 6:30 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. Oh when I rolled my hair up washed my teeth I was only awake about 1/2 an hour. So I slept about 10 and 1/2 hours.  The way I felt when I got up the following morning, I may as well have stayed up all night. Well tomorrow I have more than enough work to do so My brain will give me my daily shot of adrenaline overload to work on for the day. The surprising thing when I explained Sleep Apnea to my hairdreser her words were: " I noticed the when you come in from work to get your hair done you are more tired than any of my other customers that come in from work,  I thought well mayby it's just her job. "  . . . . . . Hum?

This specific page is only one of my concerns of my of my life that is affecting many, all areas of my life. I hope my journaling of this medical condition and my steps to correct it will inspire someone to make their own steps to a healthier life! I am so looking forward to getting better! What I have is not terminal. It's not a huge challenge, but it is somewhat debilitating! I have so many things I have to do, so much I want to accomplish!  It's a wrap for tonight.

Saturday June 13, 2009

Weigh in 240. I did nothing all week so when I was examined by my doctor sleep apnea will show. My Sleep study is august 2, 2009. Well in order for it to make a difference I would have to lose at least 20 pounds by then. I'm getting back on track. It is impossible for me to lose that much weight healthily.  Right now I am very tired.  It's 8:45 p.m. at the time of this writing.  I feel like I am going to  fall asleep before I can finish typing this.  It'a a wrap on this tonight.

Saturday June 20, 2009

At the suggestion of the nurse staff at the sleep doctor's office, started calling immediately to see if I could get an earlier time for the test.  Indeed someone canceled and I was able to have the sleep study done Wednesday June 17, 2009!   I tested according to the therapist's words: "I think you need a machine." Everything is computerized, my test results will have to be analyzed which takes a week.  Then I have to take another sleep test with a machine to see if it helps me. I hope so. I am tired of feeling sick and tired all the time.

I did weigh today prior to going in to work over time. Doing nothing all this past week I weighed in at 238 lbs. Right now I am not sure which direction to take, should I just wait and see what the final results of the sleep study once completed? I do want to be prescribed the machine if it is gong to help me sleep and feel better. For the amount of weight I need to lose I will not be able to lose enough weight to eliminate the sleep apnea all together in the time span that my sleep tests are concluded. If I lose 2 lbs a week, the prescribed healthy amount to lose each week, It will take me 37 weeks to lose 75 lbs. That will take me 8.77 months, almost 9 months. I hope the second sleep study will be done like soon. Then I can get back to business My Big Lose! 

June 23, 2009

Something strange happened today while I was in training class for my job.  I was walking out of the traing room on a flat carpeted surface.  The next thing I find myself I am suddenly falling I cannot catch myself or stop my fall.  I fell on my rear end, struck my right knee and left elbow. I did not think much of it because I  could get up and walk ok I was sore.  I just could not understand why all of a sudden I fell I did not trip over anything.  I was wearing low healed shoes.  It was a big puzzle.  I had too much material to cover in the training class to even ponder over it.  I am not starving myself.  I had eaten a muffin for breakfast fresh juice and coffee.  I really did not understand what had happened to me.   

Friday June 26, 2009

Today I finished a week long training for my job. Actually I'd say it was at least 3 weeks of training crammed into 5 days. By 12 noon I had all I could take. I was ready to call enough and wanted to quit! Well that was not happening we had to take a test before we left. I'm home now and back to say what has transpired this past week with my big lose.

I was scheduled to take the sleep test on August 2, 2009. As bad as I was feeling each day, I felt like I would not make it to the 2nd of August. I had been experiencing chest pains. I think I was over exerting my lungs with my snoring. I felt vertigo often times. I got up 3 times a night to use the bathroom. I sweat profusely every night. When I lay down to go to sleep my heart will palpitate/and or pound and I had not even engaged in any physical activity to cause it.  I'll lay there and listen to my heart beat hard for a while.  It was more of a nuisance to say the least.  It is uncomfortable but does not cause pain. I usually drift of into thinking pleasant thoughts and finally fall asleep.  Sometimes I try to think of ideas for jewelry pieces to create for my business Shay's Gems see link  Sadly I'm to tired to create the pieces.  Then I finally fall asleep.  Then when I first fall asleep I would be getting into a good sleep mode and be jarred awake by my legs simultaneously making a single pronounced spastic jerk. The next day I would wake up with a migraine headache, my throat would be sore.  I would feel wretched. My first wakening moments I am in a daze trying to become conscious and aware.  I am Struggling to become alert and go through the steps to start the day.  Durning the course of the day  I am excessively tired.  I feel like I have been in a train wreck.  I get short of breath without exerting strenuous physical activity.  I sometimes get out of breath just talking in a general conversation.  The only thing that keeps me going is the fact that the job is so stressfull I get my daily overdose shot of adrenaline from the demands of my job.  I run on that every day.  When I get home I am wiped out. I usually feel like I am about to pass out.  If after I come home I take a nap when I wake I feel like I have been run over by a Mack truck.  

When I called the sleep clinic Tuescay June 16, I got another appointment immediately for the sleep test on Wednesday June 17 at 8:30 p.m.  Immediately up on my arrival, I had to be hooked up to their machines those were attached to their computer to monitor my sleep.  At some time through the night the sleep therapist came into the room to re-adjust my nasal piece  for the second time, I think. The piece that measures my breathing, said in a calm voice, I think you are going to need a machine.  Then he went on to explain that the results of my test will have to be analyzed.  The next morning after showering and getting ready for work I was told it would take a week for the results of my test to come back.  They must have ran my results that next day because on Monday June 22nd they blew up my phone numbers, work, home and cell number.  My results were I stopped breathing 29 times an hour.  The same day Binsons called to make and appointment to deliver the oxygen that evening.  Here is a picture of all what was delivered. First this is the pulse meter that measures my pulse and oxygen level.  It clips on your index finger.  For some reason that thing hurt at the sleep clinic and it hurt at home.  It was miserable.  I'm glad I only had to endure it for one night.


To my chagrin I have officially been diagnosed as  having Sleep Apnea. One of the key risk factors for women to have sleep spena is a neck size if 16 inches.  My neck is 14 inches.  I am over weight.  Most people look at me and say I am big boned.  Well several years ago I use to take 4 year health screenings.  One screening I was closer to my ideal weight they measured my wrist and said I was medium bone size.  4 years later I had gained a substantial amount of weight they measured my wrist and said I was big bone.  How can you, in your adult years go from medium bone to large bone.  So after I became and adult my bone structure got bigger?  Hum curious. Bottom Line is We Americans are too fat.  Our being over weight causes many healthe problems which can be eliminated by obtaining our ideal weight and maintaining it.  My whole goal and purpose of this page in my site. 

The next item I get to use every night whoopee!   This is not so bad I guess. I have the nose piece you see people hooked up for oxygen


When the Tech. brought this machine in it was totally a downer for me. No truthfully I was horrified!  He asked me where do you want me to set it up. I thought they were going to bring in a machine the size of a loaf of bread leave it on the kitchen counter.  Tell me to plug it in by my bed, attach the nose piece and tubing. Show me how to turn it on and leave. Well as it is said, a picture is worth a thousand words. The unit is 2 feet tall and 15 inches wide. The tubing, though I have not tried it looks like it's 20 feet long and can reach clear across my room and into the bathroom. The next item is a portable oxygen tank, just in case we have a power failure.






This smaller tank below has 4 hours of oxygen.  This is what I use in case if we have a power outage?  When we have an outage it usually lasts for more than 4 hours.


I've been on the oxygen for 4 days now. The first night was rough. There was no sign of improvement.  Tuesday I felt a little better. My chest pain has lessened.  My Husband said Thursday I did snore.  So we will see tonight.  Now that I am getting some sleep I should be able to start losing weight!  I took a rest break this week and ate a lot of stuff I should not have.  I'm sure I am back to square one.  All of this equipment has been a real adjustment for  me.  I really don't like it.  If it will make me sleep better I am committed to using it and doing my best to get adjusted to it.  Before I was officially diagnosed I hated going yo sleep but I had to.  Now I hope this will help me sleep.  I do kinda panic when I first put the tubing on at night to go to sleep then I have to calm myself down relax then go to sleep.  The day it was delivered was a shocker for me.  I have been feeling so sick form the sleep apnea that it is not a problem for me to use it, I just have to adjust to it. I want so badly for my husband to get a good night's sleep. 

Saturday June 27, 2009

So all last week I did nothing to lose weight in fact  I gained weight sign 244.8.  I have no one to blame but myself.  To celebrate father's day I bought a straberry cake and I purchased 4 mini cheese cakes from Sam's club.  My husband had bought icecream.  I made macaroni and cheese. (You see it on my reciepe page. Next time I'll take a pictute of it.  I reduced it to a 2 serving size) For  Sunday's dinner I also bought Sam's Club broasted chicken.  All week long we ate good.  Today I will start back on my smart eating and exercise  regime.  I had 1C cheerios, 1C 2% milk 1/3 of that muffin pictured earlier on this page.  I had 1 1/2 cups of coffee.  My fresh juice I make and freeze was still frozen I'll drink that later.  Well I will check back in, in a week and up date you all on my progress if not sooner.

Sunday June 28, 2009

So I weighed myself today anyway. My weight is 242.8 lbs. This is what I have been going through for the past 2 years trying to lose weight.  I shall work harder now since, if the oxygen machine works I should be getting better sleep.  I fell this past week, job site training, Tuesday the day after I started using the oxygen machine. I was walking to the rest room from there I was going to call my youngest son to check on him.  There had been a metro train accident the night before where he lives in the DC area. I was 90% sure that he was not on that train but I had to be 100% absolutely sure. As I was walking in mid stride my left ankle just buckled under me. It does that every now and then but I don't usually fall. I can quickly place my right foot down and regain my balance. This time it did not happen, my left ankle buckled. I tried to quickly place my right foot back down. Under the influence of gravity I began to fall to my left and never got my right foot back on the floor. I knocked over a floor sign and fell on my left hip, my left elbow and my right knee hitting the floor.   I hit the floor hard. While still in the air the thought that raced through my mind. I am falling and I cannot stop myself.  After I fell my next thought was. I've been feeling a bit light headed all morning. I  which I dismissed then wondered  if this is a side effect when you first use oxygen? It that why I fell so easily? I did turn it up last night so the little black ball was on the number 2. I decided to turn it back down so the bead was below the #2 line. I was in the basement of the office building the flooring is concrete with commercial carpet tiles as a floor covering.  Only 1/4 inch thick not much cushion to absorb a fall.  Then all my thoughts were crowded out by a couple of staff members coming to my aide, to see if I was ok.  Six days later and my right knee is bruised and still hurts. I hope the damage is only a small bruise. Now all of that being said I shall do exercises that do not require me to put weight on my knees.  Sit ups, lateral crunches, side leg lifts. . . arm lifts with a 5lb weight. . . .

Tuesday June 30,2009

I could not help it. I weighed this morning I am 240.8 lbs. From Sunday to now? Iíve been on, sigh oxygen 8 days to be exact. Maybe this is the only jump start I needed to lose weight? I am going to add another page, the link will appear later on in this web page on sleep apnea.  I will post what I have been experiencing prior to my diagnosis and how I feel after I started treatment.  Hopefully that page will encourage anyone who may be having any similar issues to go get checked out, get treatment and start on the road to a healthier happier life.

This week since I took a tumble I am exercising, doing stomach crunches leg lifts and lifting dumbbells. I think what I am going to do over the next few weeks is rotate weekly between these two modes of exercises.  I'll complete this week with the above mentioned exercises to give my knee a rest.  Next week I will use the treadmill and exercise bike and the weight bench.

July 4, 2009

Independence Day

Weigh in at 239.  Another week.  My knee still hurts when I walk up stairs, but not as bad.  I'll start the excercisee bike again and the tredmill. 

July 15, 2009

Finally I've gotten back into the grove of exercising. I'm using the oxygen condenser as directed each night while sleeping. It took a while for me to get use to the nose plug. I no longer have the headaches nor a sore throat upon waking up in the morning. My chest no longer hurts. I suppose it was my lungs that was hurting. So with those issues not happening I fell strong enough to exercise again. I still feel somewhat tired in the mornings but not wiped out and aching as I was before using the oxygen machine.  I could not help it I weighed myself this morning. It's 239.6.  So I'm off again to lose weight.  I hope I have better success now that  I am getting a little better sleep.

Saturday July 18, 2009

Ok I have not been exercising to see if my sleep apnea has been a contributing factor to my weight gain. I've done my own scientific experiment not changing my eating habits since I started trying to lose weight and monitored my weight since I have started using the oxygen condenser at night. Today I weighed in at 237.8.  So my conclusion to my expirement is:  If I am not getting recuperative sleep not only am I unable to lose weight but I will gain weight.  This past week I have lost 2.1 pounds.  I am now encouraged and next week I plan to exercise 4 times over the next week and see how I do July 25th.   If you want to see the last piece of equipment I needed to travel with, the protable tank go to this link my Sleep apnea page 

August 16, 2009

My last weigh in was on August 11, 2009 I weighed 235.6. That was so encouraging I haven't gotten on the scale daily like I normally do. I have doctors appointments regarding my sleep apnea, we'll see what is the next step for treatment.   Hopefully after I keep my appointments I can get back to my routine of exercising, feeling better and losing weight.

September 20, 2009

I haven't been doing anything to lose weight lately. I had still been sleeping with oxygen and still too tired to exercise.  Actually I have been having issues with stomach pain. I stopped eating lunch which has resulted my losing weight. Friday September the 11th I weighed myself. I weighed in at 231.2 lbs. On September 1, 2009 I went for a abdominal ultra sound the results are I do not have an ulcer! It appears that the stomach pain is still there each time I eat lunch.  The CPAP machine was delivered on Thursday September 10, 2009 here it is . It's a little smaller than the one at the sleep clinic which is fine. It's portable. I've been trying to use it every night. I did take it off in the middle of one night and the snoring came back. I felt awful the next day.  I have used it for 10 days now. Also it must be helping because this week I worked 55 hours at my job. I've never been able to do that before. Today I am so tired my chest hurts.  My thought is what good is it to have the machine to help heal myself only to make myself sick over working at my day job.  


I'm thinking about posting a picture of how this contraption looks wearing to sleep in.  Check back to see.  I so want to get off this thing and sleep normally.

September 27, 2009

Today I weighed in at 235.0 lbs. So I've lost 6 lbs. that is a start. Today, Sunday is always a rest day for me. Monday I will resume my exercise regime.  Since I haven't worked out on over a month.  I'll start with waling on my treadmill and then doing the exercise bike and a walk on the treadmill.  That is all for today check back with me in about a week.   

November 14, 2009

I have not been doing much of anything to loose weight. well actually I have been trying to maintain, not to gain any weight. I weighed myself a few days ago and weighed in at 237.6 lbs. I have had a few setbacks which I will go into at a later date on a different page. According to my doctor it is not related to sleep apnea. I think it is stress.

I now know that when you have untreated sleep apnea you will not lose weight. If you are not getting a full night of recuperative sleep no matter what you do you will not lose weight. If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and you want to lose weight try to get use to sleeping with the mask then you will move forward towards losing weight and getting off the machine. You will be better off for it.

January 1, 2010

I am getting back on track to my weight loss journey. I did not explain what had gotten me off track. I did not weighed myself I know the last time I weighed I had gained 2 pounds over my starting weight totaling at 243 lbs. New Year new beginning.

My set back also caused me to make a life changing decision. Because of the following incidents I decided to retire. A while back, in June while in training for my job. ( I posted the incident earlier on this page.) I was on break walking to the break room. I blacked out in mid stride and fell. I came too before I hit the floor, I did not know I had actually passed out. The second time was more traumatic for me. On September 29, 2009 I blacked out again at work and fell. This second time I came too about 1 second before I struck my head against the edge of my desk. I suffered a contusion according to the clinic. My neurologist said I suffered a concussion. After my accident I experienced panic and a myriad of emotions. My foremost thought was I should be off on medical get well and go back to work, black out again fall and hurt myself worse? Since my pension would be what I wanted it to be why should I go back to work to get sick again or injure myself worse. For the first 5 weeks I had constant head pain. I could not exercise I was in so much pain. The next 6 weeks or so I developed pain when I became active. I could not exercise, every time I went out to see one of my doctors, church, out to dinner or lunch anything but resting.  I would develop a severe migraine and serious headache pain. The Medicine I had to take to control the pain is 800 mg Motrin and imatrix together. Well that seems to have subsided now. So we will see, I'll start out slowly....         Before the day is over I will run on my treadmill and get back into my exercise regiment.

Sunday March 14, 2010

Once again I stopped exercising. My pain and discomfort came back. I started having migraines twice sometimes three times a week . This past week I started back exercising. I am taking it slow just to get my blood circulating. I have gained 3 lbs above my starting weight.  Sigh I am starting again. 

Sunday May 30, 2010

May 16, 2010 I started exercising I exercised up to May 26 then I went to Lansing for Dr. Stacia Pierce's Woman's Success Conference 2010-Expirence Transformation.  I have been Transformed.   I weighed 246 lbs. before I went to the conference.  Today I weighed 243.6 lbs.  I always lose weight whenever I go out of town because I am always on the go.  So I will start again tomorrow exercising every other day, cutting back.   If you are on this web page then you already know that I have a web business, and take a look at my web store page.  Also take a look at my Etsy store page the link is in the menu.  Look for me on Ebay my seller name is sharonsom.  I am all in now.  I decided while at the conference to remove the wall paper from my power room on the first floor of my home.   This was because of all the knowledge, information, learning and wisdom the Dr. Stacia Pierce downloaded into us.  The wallpaper even though I do like the paper, it is starting to peel.  Previously I was thinking bout trying to patch the paper, ugh!  Today Sunday after church my husband and I went to Lowes He purchased a scoring tool to aide in removing paper.  I selected two paint swatches.  I'm thinking a light silver grey satin finish paint.  I'm not sure if I want the molding a pale tint of the wall color or white.  I am transforming my life, my home, my marriage and my business.  It's late I shall post some photos tomorrow.

August 31, 2010

I'm back.  I will succeed at this.  I plan to have the best quality of life for the rest of my life.  I am not trying to reach back wards for youth, but make the best of what I have left. My Dad lived to be 92 years old.  If I should live so long I want to be as independent for as long as I can.  Enjoy as much as I can.  Some health issues we suffer with, we bring upon ourselves.  Me at my age, weight gain  which caused Sleep apnea which caused high blood presure then high cholesterol.  All this I did to myself.  The simple thing is I can lose weight and eliminate all of these problems.   

I weighed in today at 235.9 pounds. I am making some progress. To all you young people out there it is harder to get the weight off when you get older.   If you are under 40 years old now is the time to get serious about getting is shape it will be easier. If you are 50 plus you will have to work harder.  It is almost impossible to get the weight off if you have developed sleep apnea because of your excess weight like me.   If you are not using your prescribed CPAP machine and not getting a good night sleep you will become as frustrated as I have been trying to loose weight.  Did you know if you are not getting a good nights sleep you will not lose weight.  My neurologist, my sleep doctor and my general doctor all concurred this fact. Now that I am in a good sleep pattern getting my proper rest every night I can see some results.  I have to stay on target. I have never been a high energy persons so I really have to work at this.  I do have exercise equipment I my recreation room. Pictures coming before the end of this week. Look for them.   If you want up dates become a member and you will receive email updates on my progress.  We Americans are too fat.  No offense to any one.  Our resturants serve up food that has too many calories!  The key to losing weight is to learn to prepare your own food and have controll over what goes into it.

Friday September 10, 2010

I am back at 235 lbs. I went back up to 240 now I am back down again.   I am getting a help.  I started losing weight  a while back  by putting forth extra effort and then I was put on a daily migraine medication that causes you to lose to weight.  This is giving me a boost in my effort to lose weight.  I do have to keep a diary of my weight loss to make sure I don't lose too much. Well because I am, according to the health care field grossly overweight I at this point I would not be losing too much. I need to lose a little person. I picked up a little person, my grandson the other day just to try and guess how much he weighs. I guessed 70 lbs. Actually he weighs 75 lbs and thatís about how much I need to lose. 

Those muffins I showed you  pictured above, I now cut them in half. That book I talked about Eat This and Not That The No Diet Solution to lose weight helps. I don't think you have to eat tasteless food You should eat healthy but watch your portions and make sure you are not consuming too many calories. This book is pictured below.  It is a handy tool. Eating 5 to 9 servings of vegetables a day is essential.  Try hard to get 8 glasses of water a day.  My trick to dring water when I was at work I had a cute L. L. Bean stainless steel eco friendly bottle that I filled with Britta water from home with 2 Tbs. of apple cider vinegar which helped me to drink it better.  Now at home I donít need the vinegar? I found that 11 swallows of water for me equals Ĺ glass of water. Of course 22 swallows equals 8 ounces of water. I calculated this before water came in bottles and all we had was drinking fountains at work.   So at home I will take 11 swallows then maybe 1/2 houre later do that again.  When I empty my cute little bottle at home I fill it again.  Whatever it takes friend drink your water! 


Sunday Sepember 12, 2010

I use to compulsively get on the scale daily each morning. I intended to make it weekly on Saturday. I was going to post my weight on my site at first weekly then I decided monthly. Now I am on daily migraine meds which one of the side effects is weight loss. So now it depends on how much weight I lose each week. Well today my weight is 232 lbs.   It has been less that a week.   Two days to be exact. Yesterday I had a jewelry Open house and in all the excitement for me I just nibbled on the refreshments that I served.  I really did not eat enough to constitute a complete meal for dinner.  I seem to be dropping weight kind of fast. Yes me preaching eating healthy I served healthy refreshments.  Chicken salad, variety crackers, whole wheat, sesame and hot pepper.  A raw veggie tray with dip and fresh strawberries with cream cheese fruit dip.  My guests made note of the fact that my refreshments were healthy.    All in the plans.  I sell "healthy hematite jewelry" so of course I would serve healthy refreshments. Check out my Web Store Shar's Gems at and my Etsy Store at   I will post again on Saturday of this week.

Saturday October 30, 2010

Today I weigh 230 lbs. I have to confess this is not because I am doing such a fantastic job.  Well I have cut down on my eating.  I eat more fruits and vegetables, eliminated icecream and cookies.  I had been doing some moderate exercising.  The older you become the harder it is to lose weight especially for women.  Well it is actually easier for men to lose weight than women to lose.  If you have read my retirement page you all know that I have retired so you know that I am not 30 or 40 years old, and I said I put in 35 years on my job.  If not here is the link to my retirement page:   I am on a daily medication topiramate for migraines which one of the side effects is weight loss.  Not all bad for me since that is what I need to do anyway. With that I still have to put forth a little more effort.  I am starting to see some results where as before I saw no results.  I really did not want to go on the daily medication.  I was having such an awful time this summer with uncontrolled migraine headaches with the intense heat then fierce thunder storms.  I was on Imitrex (sumatriptan) which I would take along with an 800 mg Motrin.  Two hours later I had to take another dose of imitrex, even then I still felt crappy.  Almost every other day I was having migrains.  My neurologist felt the daily meds was the next choice to getting my migraines under control.  Since I've been on the daily meds I now have relief from the migraines.

I had plans this past summer to go to flea markets to sell my jewelry.  In addetion to the flea markets I do I have my web store going into the second year the link is: I now have an Etsy link at: The flea markets are really fun and I love the outdoor venue.  I was so sick all summer long it could not even pack up my gear and jewelry drive to a spot unpack set up my tables set up my display and sell my wares.  Then dismantle everything  and take it back home.  No way!  It took all of my strength to have 2 jewelry parties this summer.   I started 3 months in advance planning the first one.  It really does not take that much time nor effort to plan a jewelry party.  I have amassed a small cache of beads of various color pallets.  I weekly put together several pieces of jewelry.  I have a nice inventory of jewelry. I usually have more jewelry than I sell.  When I have a show I have more than enough Jewelry to display. When I have completed a show I always replenish my inventory.  It took me that much time to wrap my brain around the logistics of it.  Once I completed the first one I had the second one two months later.  I needed that time to recoperate from the first.  I am now having the last one for the year, maybe ever (in my home) in about  two weeks and that will be two months from the last one, ah to the date.  Having the parties at home I have a place to leave my display up until the next party.   

Now what does this have to do with my weight loss.  A lot.  If you are ill or feeling crappy you are not able to exercise or maintain a regimented routine to fulfill the necessary requirements to obtain weight loss.  When I have a migraine I am unable to exercise.  My head gets worse when I try to exercise.  That does not help.  I am completely thrown off schedule.  At lease I don't go off on an eating binge when I migraine.  Now that my migraines are under controll I shall get back on schedule.  I like to start my routine with a Monday.  My Sundays are my rest days.  My Saturdays are my weigh in days.  So tomorrow I promise I will start on my exercise circuit again, treadmill exercise cycle, power rider then back to the treadmill then arm weights and stretches.  I can do it!

Saturday December 10, 2011

As you can see I have gotten way off track. Whew has it been that long? I started back to losing weight now.  I started Wednesday of this week. When I weighed in on Wednesday I weighed 243.5 pounds. I had pigged out that day. I found the perfect tool My Fitness Pal an application/website which calculates your food intake/calories and exercise/fitness and projects the estimated weight loss. I was playing around inputting whatever I wanted to eat. Snacking on anything. Youíd be surprised how calories can add up eating junk you have around the house! Just cutting back my portions and the unnecessary snacks, I showed a weight loss immediately.

I had gotten so thoroughly discouraged, I thought I was watching what I ate. I was exercising the only thing that was happening was I would lose 2 pounds gain a pound then lose 2 pounds again. When I discovered this; My Fitness Plan I discovered I actually was eating too much to lose weight. Well consuming too many calories. You can eat too much of a good thing and gain weight such as fruits, veggies and the like, even whole wheat bread.

Today I weighed 240.2. Plus I am back on my daily migraine medicine which also causes you to lose weight. Iíve only been on it for for 4 days so it would not cause me to lose weight that fast. So I know that it is from me watching what I am eating. You really don't know how many calories are in what you eat when you are not watching the portion sizes of what you eat. I'll try to follow protocol and weigh only once a week, on Saturdays, first thing in the morning. Iíll tryÖ

My desired goal is to lose enough weight to get off of the CPAP machine. My ultimate goal is to lose 75 pounds.  To get off of the CPAP machine I would have to lose about 40 maybe 50 pounds.  I can do it!  I am going to do it.  I cannot say enough about the My fitness Pal you set up your profile weight goal etc. Input your daily meals; foods, serving size exercise it is so easy! For me it is my own Personal Trainer and Dietician.  Like having actual people working with me which I cannot afford. If you can afford the Personal Trainer and Dietician go for it!  This does take dicipline and motivation.    

January 14, 2012

Today I weigh 232 pounds I am making progress! I found this great new application I must share here it is . Since my last entry I have lost 11 pounds this is so encouraging. My treat is to see if I can fit back into, not an old pair of jeans but an expensive suit my husband bought me hanging in my closet I never got rid of. It is a classic style so it will still be appropriate to wear now. I haven't had it that long. You must visit this site. it's real simple you can go online or download it on your phone as an app. You create a profile it calculates how many calories you need to consume daily. It also has a recipe calculator.

One necessary item then you must have is a diet scale. They are not that expensive. You can purchase one for around $10.00 dollars or less. Even a digital diet scale for probably $19.00 dollars or less. I have an antique one that still works perfectly. The company that manufactured it I believe is out of business now, American Family Scale Co. I remember getting the one I have at a health fair for free over 25 years ago :-) I was acting up, the adjustment screw kept getting stuck and would not adjust properly. I sprayed it with 10-W-40 Oil it works perfectly now. The 10-W-40 Oil is an ongoing joke about my son with daughter-in-law. Why should I buy a new scale when my old one works perfectly.

Must have tools


See my Antique Scale on the left.

These are the two items you need a diet scale and a mesuring cup to weigh and measure your food to be successful in your journey to lose weight. Of course a good accurate scale to weigh yourself. I said I was not going to be obsessed with the scale. I am, I cannot help it. I have to make sure that from Sunday to Saturday I don't go awry and gain an ounce or pound during the week so by the end of the week I will show a loss when I record my weight on My fitness Pal. All Dietitians state DO NOT weigh yourself but once a week when you are on a weight loss program. Your weight does fluctuate through the course of a week and you could get discouraged. DON'T WEIGH EVERY DAY.

I've watched the TV show Biggest Loser, before I started on this leg of my journey. As I watched the show I mentally asked my self the question would I like to be on that program? For me it's painful to watch the contestants go through their paces and then when they don't cut the muster, get kicked off the program before the reach their goal. I did not think I weighed enough to be a candidate on the show. In the past most of my life I maintained a reasonable healthy body weight. I became more sedentary then when I reached menopause it rapidly creped up on me. I just want to lose the weight without going on a diet.

Now some of you can join weight watchers that has been a succesfull program for many. Some health care insurances will pay for weight watchers programs. Here is the catch with my health care insurance. I looked it up I would have to lose 6 pounds a month for them to pay for it. If I don't continue to lose 6 pounds a month then they will not continue to cover the cost of the program. 

I have been taught to cook and food shop and eat healthy from childhood by my mom. Once I got married to my current husband he introduced me to foods and dietary food habits I never had growing up even when I became an adult and on my own. Such as pop, chips white bread, fried foods white rice and other snack foods. I do not like pork bacon. I do not like pork chops.  We have since given up pork and red meat. Once he started having some health problems and a cancer scare, I was able to introduce him to a healthy way of eating. I am back to my roots!

The key to losing weight is portion size. I eat what I normally cook. Smaller portion size cut back on the fat in my baked potatoes and the sugar in my coffee. (I use to put 3 teaspoons of sugar in my coffee. Now I put 2.) I always have a salad with my dinner along with additional vegetable. I select a lower fat dressing for my salad. I have fresh fruit with my breakfast along with fruit juice. I am currently having homemade soup for lunch. Progresso is good in it's place if you are not the cook or working and don't have the time. Google the food pyramid if you need help on what to eat each day for a healthy diet. I have an old chart I am on a mission to get an updated chart to post on my website.

Note to remember; potato chips, we can over eat on those 15 potato chips are one serving.

May 7, 2012

I have made significant progress from my all time high weight. I now weigh 222.6 pounds I have lost 21 pounds from the all-time high of 243. Yay! I have 58 more pounds to lose to reach my goal weight. My goal weight is actually tentative. It is said that the older you get you need to add 10 pounds to your body frame to look healthy. Once I reach this goal weight then I will determine if I need to lose additional weight. I am encouraged with my progress. I have revved up my exercise regime. I am diligently staying within my daily caloric intake. When I exercise depending on if itís strength or cardio vascular training, I burn from 188 to 300 calories. Which in turn means I can consume the same number of additional calories that I burn. I do not consume the additional calories to the maximum allowance when I ramp up my exercise which enables be to lose additional weight. I am actually excited with my progress. I am more determined to reach my goal! With just the 20 pounds that I have lost I already feel more energetic! I can move my body more freely! It is easier to exercise! I have more endurance! It appears that my Sleep Apnea is beginning to subside! The first real purpose for losing weight. Hopefully soon I will be able to come off of my blood pressure and cholesterol medicine.

To anyone who is reading this page, if you are over weight, here are some tips. Cut back or eliminate restaurant food. If you must eat out take a look at the restaurantís webpage if they have one look at the nutrition section listing how many calories are in their dishes. You may be surprised. Rule of thumb eat only half of what you are served and take the rest home for another meal. The salad dressing is what makes the salad high in calories ask for the dressing on the side so you can put less on your salad. Plan ahead look up the dressing and pick dressing thatís lowest in calories. I didnít once eating out, Balsamic Raspberry vinaigrette dressing turned a 110 calorie salad into 300 calories. It was a special day for me, was good. I had exercised that and each morning so I gave myself some wiggle room. By the end of the week I still lost weight. Take it one step at a time 5, 10, then it will be 15 pounds! You will be on your way. You may come to a stand still for a month , a week maybe even a year like I seemed to have done, but donít give up. Again I say if you need help I found the application My Fitness Pal has been a great tool for me. Iím not good in a structured environment which may seem strange. I have always been successful once I make my own determination to make it work. If the application does not work for you then there are countless structured weight loss plans that you can join in your area. If you have health insurance that may pay for it look into that too itís worth your health.

My experience with a structured plan is if something does not work in one week the instructor will switch the plan at the end of the first week. If I donít lose weight by the second week switch again. Then they would want to try something different. I know my body and metabolism.

By then the instructor would be experimenting with me to see what will work. At that point I will be extremely irritated. I am not interested in anything they have to say to me ready to quit the program. Just to give you and example. When I was in a exercise program at a local gym to lose weight took my measurements, my arms chest, waist hips thighs, and calf muscles. An exercise circuit was mapped out for me to lose weight and tone up. I was not as heavy as I am now and I actually weighed about goal weight, I wanted to lose 10 or 15 pounds. I was much younger than I am now. Well I did not lose any weight. I started to bulk up. My leg muscles got bigger. That was not the plan at all! Plan was not working. My fitness trainer had to rework the whole exercise circuit and the weights.

When I said I know my metabolism, I know from past 'diets' I have tried I cannot eat a lot of bread especially white bread and expect to lose weight. Actually whole grain is healthy for you anyway.  Take a look at to get an idea of how your plate should look. Eat more fruits and vegetables to fill up to lose weight.

September 9, 2012

No I have not given up. I am still losing weight. It's a slow process. I am still suffering with migraine headaches which impedes me from exercising. see my migraine page at.  Exercising while having a migraine only exacerbates the migraine, but when I donít have the headache and I exercise between episodes it helps, if I can get a space of time between them... I now weigh 213 lbs.  Yay.  I'm not giving up. It's taking a long time, I have quite a ways to go I will keep it off. 

Here I am  now I look a little smaller.        


I'm still top heavy do anyone know any exercises to reduce the top area of your body?