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Set up up your bills to pay themselves

A big area of stress for me is paying bills. I did not realize how much this is a stress to others also until my sister and I were talking one day I randomly brought up the subject in conversation. She emphatically agreed with me that paying bills are a big stress for her. Okay on average these are the basic bills you may have to pay. 1. Rent or Mortgage. 2. Heat, 3. Electric. 4. Telephone 5. Water 6. Cable/Dish TV. 7. Internet. 8. Cell phone. 9. Car payment (lease or payment) 10. Car Insurance 11. Charge cards depending on how many you have. 12. Educational loans depending on your age and when you finished school. 13. Child Care costs. 14. News paper if you subscribe. 15. Lawn care service summer, Snow removal winter 16. homeowner insurance if not in your mortgage. 17. Property taxes if your home is paid for. As needed Medical co-payments. Not to mention Gas for your car and groceries! Okay! If you have direct deposit and online banking you can do what I've done. What I have done is gotten into a budget plan for the Utility companies that will allow you to do so this is so the amount is the same each month for as many bills that have to pay. The rest of the bills usually are the same each month. Set up your online banking for the dates for the bills to go out each month allowing time for the bank to process the check and the money to get to the companies by the due date. You don't have to put an end date however your bank will let you set it up. Make sure you set the dates so that you have the money in your account and the bills are sent out on time. Once you have done this you no longer have to, every time a bill comes in sit down after a stressful day at work and write out the bills make sure you balance your check book. All you have to do is go in each pay day look at your account make sure the payments have gone out for your own assurance. Click and look, that sure beats writing each check by hand then going to the mail box to drop them in.  Remember what you have to pay each month and don't over spend.  I suggest you open a seperate account from your serious bill and one for your spending money.  Hey try having a separate account one in your credit union and the other in a different bank so you cannot inter mingle the money. Once your spending money is gone then you don't go into your bill account. Don't spend all your spending money each month.

Pay Yourself

This is really simple after you have paid all your bills, pay yourself.  Even if you have a 401K on your job.  Even if your job has a pension plan for you. and you still have a 401K you should have your own savings plan and you stick to it.  Here is the goal.

If you have a home you should save three months of your living expenses.  That account is never to be touched until you either loose your job and this is to tide your over until you find another one.  If our are colleting unemployemnt and that takes care of your expenses then you don't touch it. 

 If you are changing jobs for a better job or for a job that you like better the that savings can be used until you get your first check on the new job.

You will have this account for when you retire and your retirement income starts.

Now back to the home ownership the best thing is to have a buyers warranty plan on your home for eventual repairs if you live in the home for a number of years.  This will help with repairs such as a water heater, furnace, stove, washer, dryer, and so on.  Depending on what the warranty covers.  Shop around for one if you don't already have one.  You need an emergency savings. I would say try to save up and have set aside at least the most expensive repair on the house and continue to build on that. when you need to use it if you have a good bank or credit union they may allow you to take out a low interest loan that you can pay off quickly and leave the money intact to collect interest.  It sounds difficult but it really is not.


Ways to Cut Expenses To Save

These are a few suggestions that I think Everyone knows, it's a matter of applying these tips to make it work.  Everyone knows  that if you eat out that can run up a hugh expense.  In my 35years of working I did not eat out everyday.  Year after year I brought my lunch.  I am not saying I never ate out, I just did not eat out everyday.  Maybe you can limit it to say only on payday.  If you get paid monthly twice a month eat out.  I struggle with my weight I did not do fast food. If you look at you will see.   We all know resturant food is not conducive to health weight.  Now what if I did eat fast food while I worked?  It could be worse.

What I am saying look at what you spend on entertainment see if you can shrink what you spend on lunch. movies, that two or three dollar cup of cappuccino.  I mastered the cappuccino machine.  I wore out one and I'm on my second one it was really inexpensive.  I will insert a pictue of it on my gadget page  Once in a while is ok.  Let's say One cup of cappuccino is $3.25.  You get one every workday that is about 20 work days in a month.  That is $65.00 dollars a month!  Lunch every day $7.00, that is $140 a month.  Stop this for one month you just saved   $205.00 dollars in one month.  Keep it up for a year you saved  $2460.00 dollars!  Pack your lunch.  Save the cappuccino for once a week if you can.  I really like making my own.  I know what goes into mine.  I like knowing I use 2% milk not whipped cream like in some cappuccino.

This is for you to look at what your spending habits and cut back if you run out of money way before then next pay day. I always say if you have cable don't subscribe to all the channels they offer, especially if you work. When the cable company would call me and try to get me to upgrade to more channels. I'd let them make their sales pitch then I would say I have cable because I am working.  I am working at least 8 hours a day. I really don't have time to see everything on every channel. I am perfectly happy with the channels I have.   It really does not matter to me that the movie I am looking at came out 2 years ago.  Even if the movie was made before I was born.  (I enjoy the Turner Movie classics) If I am looking at the movie for the first time it is a new movie to me.  Now that I am retired I can still only look at one movie on one channel at a time.  Then the day is over.  I still cannot spent all my time watching television.

Make your car trips count.  I use to leave everyday for lunch just to get out of the office.  I used up too much gass.  Go sit in your car for lunch don't start it you will not burn up any gass that way.