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At Home Spa Treatment

Several Years ago my mother in an attempt to regain her failing health got full body massages. Back then over 25 years ago it cost her $20.00 dollars a session. I understand a massage now may cost about $95.00 a session. I imagine that depends where go to have a massage done. Here is how you can pamper/de-stress yourself if you have the equipment for a one time fee. Once you have the right stuff you can pamper yourself whenever you wish! Several years ago I was in a car accident, I had been rear ended. I was hit twice in the same accident. First by a pick up truck who rear ended another pickup truck into my car. Then a Semi-truck ran into all the cars again. Fortunately I was not injured just stiff and oh so sore from the accident. When I went to my doctor to make sure nuthing was wrong my doctor suggested that I get a massage done (daily)to help my muscles to relax from the jarring from the accident. With my Job and family time I could not afford a daily massage.  I came up with the idea of getting a massage mat. My doctor agreed that it possibly could help. (I did go for Physical Therapy for a month the allotted insurance payment time period.) I went out an purchased the massage mat it was the best investment for de-stressing I could have made.


The Equipment for your spa

I have pampered myself after a very stressful day at work like this. You will need the full body massage mat. I purchased mine in 2002 on sale from Montgomery Wards for $49.00 dollars. They were going out of business. I'm sure the massage mats are more advanced than the one I own and they are around the same price more or less. (I'll have to upgrade mine, the newer ones have rollers the move up and down your spine instead of the vibrating impulses.) Get one that has the heat too. Also Invest in the Dr. Scholl's foot Massager. (mine was given to me as a Christmas present.) Plan for making the purchases. Buy one then get the other. If someone gave you a chair massager as a present also use it they really do help to relax you. After you have had your dinner if you have children get them in the bed first. 

1. Put on some soft music smooth jazz, classical what ever makes you relax. the easier the sounds the more you will relax. Music soothes the savage beast.

2. Start out with the foot massage sit back in a chair that you can lean back in and your feet reach the tub. Take 15 minutes allowing the bubbles to ease the tension out of you feet. According to the reflexology therapist the soles of your feet connect to every organ in your body.                                                                                    


3. Of course you dry your feet off completely. Your massage mat should already be placed on your bed or chair waiting for you. Lay on the mat for no longer than 15 minutes or what ever the manufacturer recommends.                                                                                  

You will feel so good and relaxed you will not want to put away your spa equipment. Lastly if you feel like it have yourself a cup of herbal tea. Before you start your spa treatment you should be dressed for bed you will not want to do anything else but maybe watch a little Television before going to sleep

Lotion for dry Skin

One thing I recently learned is that the best way to apply lotion is to apply when you are moist.  You want to trap the water or moisture into the skin.  I have a gadget that works inspite of that applied to dry skin