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Reward Yourself for Working

Reward yourself after you have worked hard all week long. You don't have to give yourself a reward each week (that may cause you to spend too much) but every now and then treat yourself to something that makes working worth it all. Ladies I don't mean another pair of shoes. Or men for that matter if you have a closet full of shoes. Don't break the bank in rewarding yourself. Rule # 1 is whatever you do to reward yourself you must not use a charge card to pay for it. That is because you are running up a charge card bill which builds stress. Rule #2 you do not take gas bill, water bill or some of the rent money to treat yourself.  If it is a big ticket item you want to treat yourself with then rule # 3 is you must plan and save for the item or trip or what ever the reward is. The low end rewards can be going out to dinner maybe once a month to a nice restaurant. Just something you can look forward to once you leave work. Something that will cause you to relax de-stress and recuperate. One of my rewards to myself was a faux fur throw. It is perfect for covering up and watching television on a cold winter evening. The throw was not expensive at all, $20.00 at Target it looks and feels good to cover up with. This is just one example of Paying the Piper


More suggestions or rewards to come.

Saturday Breakfast Reward

Before my husband and I started working overtime on saturdays this is the type of breakfast we treated oursleves to on Saturday.  Now this is a breakfast that is prepared at home.  Since we gave up red meat the sausage and bacon is turkey. 






Oh by the way the juice is apple juice, fresh homemade.




Another breakfast treat. . . . . . .



The Cinnamon rolls are homemade.  Bread machines are such a useful tool if I did not have one, these rolls would never have been made by me.