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Rival Slow Cooker Barbeque Cooker

I love gadgets that will make my life simpler. I have crock pots, George Foreman grills and a Hamilton Beach grill to help me with cooking. The latest cooker gadget is my Rival Barbeque slow cooker. It is a slow cooker but it barbeques or roasts meat. Ribs which we don't need to eat a lot of comes out succulent with flavor and the meat falls off the bone. I even slow roasted a small turkey which came out moist and tender.   The Rival Barbeque Slow Cooker, opens like the homemade sidewalk oil drum barbeque pits you see at almost every church selling barbeque dinners.


This little oven only set me back about $69.00. I enjoy using it and it seams to make everything tastes great slow roasted!  You cannot make a mistake on any meat when you cook it in the BBQ-PIT. Well you can over cook some meats if you leave it too long. For those of you who eat pork ribs, in this oven you set it on high slather the ribs in barbeque sauce close the lid depending on the weight, size and amount or ribs you are cooking you let it cook for about 3 hours and the meat will fall off the bone! Make sure your follow the suggested temperature and time table for cooking any meat.

Bissell Flip It floor cleaner

My next Gadget is the Bissell Flip It. I know ladies it's work!  This is a whole lot easier that taking out a mop and bucket to mop the floor.  Truthfully I have taken this little gadget out two or three times a week to clean my kitchen floor!  Just like you may have seen it on the Television commercial once you set it up you turn it on one side vacuums the floor. You stand it upright flip the handle and it's a mop. Keep it full and you will find yourself cleaning the kitchen floor more often that you usually mop. It is that easy!



This one set me back about $79.00.  For me it was worth it.  I come home from work I am tired.  I spill something while cooking.  I go and get the Flip It vacuum first then I mop the floor clean.  It's great for me!