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The Storm

I've Started writing poems I plan to publish them in a book. I will share a few of them on this web page Here are a few.

This one is in referrence to my migraine expirence. If you suffer with migraines you understand if you do not this will give you a little insight of what it is like.    See my page    I also have some tips that help give you temporary relief take a look at this page


The Storm

without warning my eyes sees a fog

like the earth is or a room is covered with smog.

no one else sees it, it's my own little bog

what this is, my private view, my brain's broken cog.

It's the fog first, then the lights in my eyes, flashing

like the lighting crossing the skys, dashing.

my own private storm beginning inside my head.

the early warning to follow, protocol to take to my bed

then comes the intense squeezing, throbbing pain,

with the pain comes confusion,

along with it a lack of clarity and disillusion.

it's a storm inside my brain, a storm without the rain.

with this storm my stomach gets sickly,

my stomach wants to bring up everything inside, it's all icky.

my face and left arm tingle and go numb,

it feels as though I've been in a cold drum

I go inside myself, I withdraw,

the faintest sound, light or smell is the last straw.

often times I ignore the pain,

suffer through it but not to my gain.

into a quiet dark room I retire.

until the time of this sickness expire.

this wilderness can last for hours, days,

when it's over it's over, but I'm still dazed.

aftermath, fatigue overcomes me I struggle work through,

it's a battle to overcome the process, is debilitating too.

Once it's over, I'm good as new,

I get back to life like I normally do.

Do not to feel sorry for me, I do not whine,

God is with me through out the whole time!

Sharon Somerville

December 22, 2012



Love Live Love Life Again

Love Live love life Again

You loved once it went wrong, your heart is hurt,

You think life has ended you feel like you're dirt.

Getting hurt by love is a sore reality.

Don't allow a hurt make not loving a finality.

Don't let love be replaced with bitterness,

That's having your mind wandering in wilderness,

Loveless is unfulfilled misdirected,

Stand up get back on your feet, your path corrected.

You loved, you hurt now get on with your day,

Don't hate the one who hurt, love them anyway.

Love them but love them from a distance,

Treat them with respect, treat them with resistance.

You love once again, this time it's a success,

Life Is good now you feel your best.

Love is to be given not kept locked up inside,

Love among people is where love should abide

To give love, true love can bring pain,

Yet to exist we love, and love again.

To nurture and love is how we grow,

To say I love you is one way to show,

Love brings happiness and joy in life,

Without love, is life with envy and strife.

Real love gives, does not expect to receive,

Real love does not try and deceive.

Love is to be given not kept inside,

Love among people is where love abide.

Love is forever, love is endless

Love that's pure is true and sinless.

Love when given as pure is not pride,

True love displays itself, it cannot hide.

Love is not for self nor to amuse,

Love does not inflict on others nor abuse.

Love comes in many forms, for many reasons,

As long as there's life, love is needed at all ages,

From a new born babe in it's early stage,

To a senior citizen in their later season.

Love is not just for the young lovers,

Love is for your family and all others.

Love began from God who is love!

The One some call the Man up above.

To save our life by His greatest sacrifice,

God's only Son, Jesus Christ,

With love for us all gave up his life!

Our life begins when we give ours to Christ!

Sharon Somerville ~

December 28, 2012



I love it and at times I avoid it.

But I will not say I hate it,

Because it's what God created.

The ones who love snow are a usually a child,

They love it because the play in it the whole while.

I'll be honest I do not like driving in snow,

If there is snow, not necessary for me to drive, I will not go.

When I was young I loved the winter sport ice skating was my fortitude,

I even took skating lessons and developed a bit of skating aptitude.

Those days are long gone they are way in my past,

I have not been on the ice in so long I fear I'll break a bone, alas!

Yes, God created snow, rain, fire and the wind,

All of which God said is good, too much of each could be to our end.

There were times when God used the elements to Judge man,

Because of man's wickedness, and disobedience for not following God's plan.

I love how the snow blankets the earth, the winter season the quiet and rest,

The trees, grass, houses bushes covered with fluffy white snow is picturesque.

I love the way the winter snow muffles and quiets the outside sounds,

With the snow covering everthing it absorbs the noise of everything around.

Footsteps fall and there's no echo in the crunch of the snow,

Tires only spin and whirl softly you're stuck and can't go.

The snow covers the earth all tucked in for a long winter rest,

For the trees, flowers, brushes grasses and soil to rejuvenate for spring's best.

Snow, you can either love it or hate it

Just remember it's somtthing that God has created.

Sharon Sommerville

March 25, 2013