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How Important Is Sleep?

I will speak on my on expirence of my own health related problems not getting enough sleep caused by my sleep apnea.  I will also include what I learned from my research what can result from sleep deprevation.

Our bodies were designed to go to sleep for a certian period of time every 24 hours. Sleep is a requirement for our bodies to function properly. In the paragraph below is a chart of required  number of hours of sleep for all age groups. If you are having problems getting to sleep you can review some of my insomnia remedies. Here is the link to my insomnia page:

As a driver or operator of heavy machinery not getting enough sleep is hazardous to yourself as well as to others. How many accidents can you count happening from someone falling asleep at the wheel un-related to alcohol?  I can count numerous, too many, even fatal that should never have happened.  To reiterate how important getting enough sleep is, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea awhile back.  Having sleep apnea you are sleep deprived. You can view my sleep apnea page to read more about my expirence.  I was tired, sleepy all the time. The next morning after spending 8 hours doing what I thought was sleeping, I still feeling tired and generally with a headache.  The following day I as long as I kept in motion I would not fall asleep.  I felt sleepy when I drove my vehicle.  At work, I knew my job it was rudimentary for me.   Even when we had training I caught on quickly so that was not a problem for me.  Prior to being prescribed the CPAP machine my physician placed me on driving restriction.  Being sleep deprived is serious enough for my doctor to restrict me from driving endangering myself and others on the road. 

How much Sleep is Required?

If you are an adult do not think all you need is 5 or 6 hours of sleep a night.  For adults in order for you body and brain to perform at it's optimum you need 9 hours of sleep.  Take a look at the chart below.  Children of course need more sleep than adults.  Speaking of children if there are any in your household under the age of 12 take a look at the chart and see how much sleep they need.  Children need sleep for their brains and bodies to properly grow.  Adults need proper rest for your brains to properly perform your problem solving tasks at work.  

 Ages  1 to 3 12 to 14 hours include naps
 Ages  3 to 5  11 to 13 hours naps included
 Ages  5 to 12  10 to 11 hours
 Ages  Teenagers  9 + hours, minimum of 9 hours 
 Ages  Adults  9 hours

As an adult you can gradually train your body to get use to less than 9 hours of sleep over time. It is not conducive for your body to perform at it's peek or optimum level on less than 9 hours of sleep. According to the chart above children actually need the above number of hours of prescribed sleep for proper health and growth. Do not let your children argue with you when it is time for them to go to bed. Saying that they are not sleepy, or they do not need that much sleep. They may very well not be sleepy. Read my insomnia page also about sleep robbers. Children need their sleep to learn better get good grades in school.  Even though we parents cannot resist this.  Try if you can do not place a television in you child's room. The TV is a sleep robber. The computer also should not be in your child's room. I know it is hard not to have a computer or the TV in the bedroom.  For the school years I did not have a TV nor a computer in my son's rooms.  As adults I am proud they both are doing quite well in supporting themselves in their own careers.  The object is, when you send the child to his room the purpose is to go to bed and get a good night's sleep.  When you retire to you bedroom, that room is suppose to be where you go to fall asleep, not to watch television nor to get on the computer.  Do not take your cell phone to your bedroom with you either. 

How Lack of Sleep can affect you

I have gained weight because of certain medicines I was taking and hormonal changes as I got older. Before I became aware/diagnosed as having sleep apnea I went on a crusade to lose weight. I started exercising four or more times a week on my treadmill. I used my exercise bike. I rotated every other day with the type of exercise between the machines to sit ups and lifting weights. For weeks I exercised, I cut back on my eating to no avail, I did not lose but a couple of pounds of weight over a six week period. When I was finally diagnosed as having sleep apnea and prescribed the CPAP machine my physician then told me that I could  no doubt be able to start losing weight once I start getting a good nights sleep. I had to go on oxygen therapy for 3 months before I was dispensed the CPAP machine because my oxygen level was at 70 during my sleeping period they had to bring it back to a normal range 90 first. See my page:

If you want to lose weight getting a good night's sleep is a start.  Actually it's a must. 

Lack of sleep can contribute to weight gain.

Lack of sleep weakens your immune system.  Lack of sleep makes you more susceptible to colds, flu and many other communicable diseases. (Washing your hands often) Not touching your eye nose and your mouth is a good practice in warding off colds during flu season. Sneezing into your elbow and using hand sanitizer helps.

Lack of sleep make makes you sluggish

Lack of sleep affects your whole physical body

I had my doctor tell me that lack of sleep over an extended period of course can cause diabetes.

Not getting enough sleep can raise your bloop pressure.

Having sleep apnea not getting proper sleep, I learned over a period of time begins to affect soft tissue in your body, your heart. My gums, affecting teeth.  My having sleep apnea caused me to have high blood pressure.  Headaches every morning.   

Lack of sleep makes it dificult for you to solve problems.  You are not alert when you suffer from lack of sleep

Have you ever stayed awake for so long that you started to hallucinate?  I mean seriously without the aid of drugs?  That is what the lack of sleep can do to you.

Causes of Lack of sleep

There a many things that can cause people not to get a good nights sleep. If you are not getting a good night's sleep I urge you to seek professional help. If you live alone and do not have anyone to tell you whether you snore or not, If you awaken every morning still feeling tired you should seek professional help. Get checked out. Sleep is a necessity of life not an option or luxury.  Make sure you do everything you can to get your sleep. Here are a few things over the years that I have expirenced that deprived me of good quality sleep, stress, worry, depression, sleep apnea and sciatica.  There are quite a few other hinderances out there that cause millions not to get a good nights sleep all of which do require getting help to get healing or to get fixed.


Benifits of a Good Nights Sleep

How good it feels when you wake up in the morning after getting a good nights sleep!  You are ready to face the world!  You are Refreshed!  Life is good!

Getting a good night's sleep makes you smarter.  

Actually taking a nap in the middle of the day from a stressful situation will lower your blood pressure.   

You’ve heard of the phrase "Getting my beauty sleep."   Actually that is true. Your body has to repair the damage that has occurred from the sun's harmful rays during the day while you sleep.  Also that is the time your body cells regenerate themselves and grow new cells while you sleep.

When you sleep your brain actually is rehashing what you went through during the day it is recording your life storing up what you've done.

When you sleep your brain actually is rehashing what you went through during the day it is recording your life storing up what you've done.  That is why babies sleep so much.  Everything is new to them they have to sleep to make memories on everything they have seen and done for the day.