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How to take a vacation when you cannot leave home

What I do to take a vacation without leaving home. To do the most good when you take a vacation, is to leave home and go to another location for a few days. Well if you cannot do this and money will not permit you to stay for at least one night at a hotel. This is what you do.  Remember your mom always told you to make up your bed after you got out of it? There is a reason for that. You sleep better when you get back into a made up bed instead of a rumpled one.  Hey if you are having trouble sleeping at night get up straighten your bed and tuck in your sheets and covers before getting back in bed.  You will instantly feel more comfortable.  

Your mini at home vacation

Start your day by making up your bed. A Bed spread with the decorative pillows and all. This is what I come home to every day. This makes you feel like you are walking into a hotel room that is freshened up each time you leave it. You must go out to eat for breakfast.  You cannot cook breakfast at home.  Rule one is you cannot go to a fast food restaurant for any meal during this mini vacation day or days. We are always stopping at McDonald or Burger King for a quick breakfast or meal. You have to go to a real restaurant like Bob Evans or Big Boy or what ever your wallet can handle. Have a sit down meal where you are waited on. Rule two you cannot cook any meal on this vacation day nor can you get a take out meal and take it home.  Rule three you cannot go to your usual malls that you regularly shop at.  Rule four do not allow family members know that you are off work. This is because they will ask: "Can you pick me up form work since you are off?" Or: "Can you pick junior up from school at 3:00 p.m. since you are off?' This ruins the whole day. Or: "Can you stop by CVS and pick up some cough syrup?" Anything that will ruin the day. The plan is for you and yours  to have a whole day to yourselves as if you were one thousand miles away. If family members call you because you have your cell phone on for emergencies tell them you are on a one day trip. If it is not a real emergency, don't let them know where you are, and you will get back with them the next day or when you are back from your 'trip'.  If your girlfriends call don't answer the telephone.  It would not be an emergency. 

A good place to go for this one day vacation trip is to Windsor Ontario Canada to the Top Hat restaurant for lunch. Take in the sites of downtown Windsor. After lunch take in a movie or visit a museum. You must have dinner at a restaurant too! The idea is not to cook at all on this one or two day vacation you take off from work.  It is refreshing and you will feel like you have actually been on a vacation!  You cannot go to your favorite haunts either you must choose places to see and visit that you do not ordinarily visit.  Act like a tourist in your own home town 

Another good place to go if you are a Michigan resident is Frankemueth MI for this one day mini vacation. Plan to have lunch or dinner at the world famous chicken dinner the Zenders Bavarian Inn restaurant. The Chicken dinners are worth going back for. Shop down the main street in all of the quaint shops along the strip. You must not leave Frankenmueth with out buying some fudge. Take the steam boat tour or the horse and carriage tour. And you must visit Bronners Christmas store where it is Christmas all year long!

If possible spent one night in a hotel on this mini vacation. Preferably a hotel so that you will have to go through a lobby to get to your room to get that pampered feeling before retiring for the night. Try not to stay at a motel (you enter your room from the parking lot.) makes you feel like you are on a road trip on your way to a family reunion to spend time with cousins and aunts and uncles and relatives you really don't want to be bothered with anyway.   Look out for some cheap deals at a nice hotel then plan your mini vacation around that! See if your bonus points you may earn on a bank card can be used for a hotel stay.

Some of the places Like the Top Hat I understand has closed it's doors.  But you get the point I am trying to make Pick a place nice to go eat at.  somewhere you do not go to everyday.  Treat yourself.  It woudld be like my page on Pay the Piper.

Take a look at some of the pages on my web site compare them to places in your own home town and visit places in interest that you normally will not go to see. See them again for the first time. Here are a few examples of my home town. The first link is the day My Husband and I spent at the Museum.

Next is Detroit River boat tour.

Explore restaurants in your area that you haven't been to before.   This one is one of my favorites.  I don't go so often that it get's old.